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December 2004

Islam and the West The Need for a Bilateral Talk By Habib Siddiqui

November 2004

Positive Response to Prophet From Madinah, Adil Salahi

Difficulties for a New Muslim, Adil Salahi

Do Tattoos Invalidate Prayers, Adil Salahi

Treating People With Respect and Kindness, Adil Salahi

Using the Word God for Allah, Adil Salahi

Historical Accounts in the Quran, Sayyid Qutb

The Inimitability of the Quranic Style, Sayyid Qutb

Pilgrimage and Umrah Are Separate Duties, Adil Salahi

Pilgrimage on Behalf of a Living Person, Adil Salahi

When a Woman Wants Divorce, Adil Salahi

Sparing People Any Embarrassment, Adil Salahi

Exemption From Fasting, Adil Salahi

Childrenís Upbringing and Parentsí Responsibility, Adil Salahi 

Custody of Children and Courtsí Rulings, Adil Salahi 

What Invalidates Fasting, Adil Salahi 

October 2004

Fasting: Worship by Abstention, Adil Salahi 

Number of Rakíahs in Taraweeh, Adil Salahi 

Winning Peoples Hearts, Adil Salahi

Marriage, Divorce and Islamic Requirements, Adil Salahi

Differences in Worship Practices, Adil Salahi

A Few Comments on Tafsir of the Qur'an By Habib Siddiqui

Erasing Sin Through Repentance, Sayyid Qutb 

Share of Inheritance From Grandfather, Adil Salahi 

Uttering Not Even a Bad Word, Adil Salahi 

Voluntary Prayers and Illness, Adil Salahi 

What Does Islam Say About Magic, Adil Salahi

August 2004

Interesting Numerical Findings From the Holy Qur'an By Tariq Al Swaidan

The Quranic Descriptions of Heaven and Misunderstandings, Adil Salahi

What the Quran Teaches Gods Signs in the Universe, Sayyid Qutb

Worthless Luxuries, Adil Salahi

July 2004

Freedom, Amir Ali 

Islam Considers Modesty Part of Faith, Adil Salahi

Certain Traditional Practices After a Personís Death, Adil Salahi 

Marking the Prophets Birthday, Adil Salahi

Straight Talk With the Prophet, Adil Salahi

Unacceptable Use of the Prophets Name, Adil Salah

Modesty A Source of Goodness, Adil Salahi

What Quran Teaches Two Widely Divergent Ends, Sayyid Qutb

Financing the Pilgrimage of Relatives Is Permissible, Adil Salahi

Addressing People With What Suits Them, Adil Salahi

Pilgrimage and Unsettled Debts, Adil Salahi

Islam Abhors All Types of Hypocrisy, Adil Salahi

Permissibility of Life Insurance, Adil Salahi

Punishment in the Grave, Adil Salahi

Fate of Earlier Unbelievers, Sayyid Qutb

Obligatory Bath and Risk of Illness, Adil Salahi

The Time Span of Quranic Revelations, Sayyid Qutb

Mosques Not Facing the Qiblah, Adil Salahi

Good Manners in All Situations, Adil Salahi

Islamic Advocacy in Practice  2 Advocating Islam in All Situations, Adil Salahi

Additions and Innovations, Adil Salahi

June 2004

Violence in Islam By M. Amir Ali

Committing Suicide Is Strictly Forbidden in Islam, Adil Salahi

The Message That Represents the Truth, Adil Salahi

Clearing Suspicion, Adil Salahi

Intention Counts When Pronouncing a Divorce, Adil Salahi

A Day of Dire Distress for Unbelievers, Sayyid Qutb

No Repeat of Prayer Necessary, Adil Salahi

Assured Heaven for Children, Adil Salahi

A Day Boding Ill for Unbelievers, Syed Qutb 

Divorce During Wifeís Illness, Adil Salahi 

Pilgrimage and Sins Against Others, Adil Salahi 

Thoughts and Actions, Adil Salahi 

Qurían: The Word of God, Adil Salahi 

Missed Prayer and Advance Zakah, Adil Salahi 

No Angel Messenger Sent to Mankind, Sayyid Qutb

Traditional Practices and Islam, Adil Salahi

Can Zakah Be Paid to Non-Muslims Adil Salahi

Certain Qualities of Believers, Adil Salahi

Accusations Against Mu'awiyah, Adil Salahi 

Reward Continuing After One's Death, Adil Salahi 

Should Women Go to Mosques? Adil Salahi 

May 2004

Denying Resurrection, Sayyid Qutb

Quoting a Hadith in Paraphrase, Adil Salah

Prohibition of All Types of Gambling, Adil Salahi

Muawiyah An Ideal Ruler, Adil Salahi

Overdue Share of Inheritance, Adil Salahi

The Prophet Changed Names When Necessary, Adil Salahi

The Prophets Personality, Sayyid Qutb

Equal Treatment for Sons and Daughters, Adil Salahi

The Prophet Took Extra Care of His Companions, Adil Salahi

Accusations Without Basis, Sayyid Qutb

Repentance and Committing the Same Sin, Adil Salahi

A Sonís Prayer for Deceased Parent, Adil Salahi 

Dispute Over the Prophetís Inheritance, Adil Salahi 

The Washing and Shrouding of the Deceased

A High Standard of Piety and Commitment, Adil Salahi

A Source of Eternal Inspiration and Guidance, Khaled AlMaeena

Sacrifice and Physical Restrictions, Adil Salahi

April 2004

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Quran By Omar Edaibat

Guidance From the Prophet: Immediate Compliance With Divine Orders,† Adil Salahi 

Marriage Without Parentsí Knowledge, Adil Salahi 

What The Qur'an Teaches: Accusations With No Semblance of Proof,† Sayyid Qutb 

The Noble Status of the Prophets Companions, Adil Salahi

No Compulsion in Religion, Adil Salahi

Lecture on Islam and Hinduism, Arab News

A Man Has No Claim on His Wifes Salary, Adil Salahi

Guidance From the Prophet What to Say Before Going to Bed, Adil Salahi

What The Quran Teaches False Are Arguments, Sayyid Qutb

Islams Message Is Peace, Says UAE Scholar, Arab News

Personal Responsibility and Substitute Haj, Adil Salahi 

The Arbitration on Aliís Dispute, Adil Salahi 

How to Distinguish True From False, Sayyid Qutb 

More Supplication as We Go to Bed, Adil Salahi 

Zakah on Investment and Its Accumulation, Adil Salahi 


March 2004

The Arbitration Myth and Reality, Adil Salahi

Young Person Leading Prayers, Adil Salahi

Seeking Gods Guidance, Adil Salahi

Uthmans Martyrdom and the Verdict on Alis Status, Adil Salahi

Dubai Meet to Highlight Scientific Facts in the Quran

Fighting During Alis Reign, Adil Salahi

Praising God Before Going to Sleep, Adil Salahi

To Whom Zakah Should Be Paid, Adil Salahi

Paying Zakah to Employees, Adil Salahi

Dispute Over Uthmans Killers, Adil Salahi

The Acceptable Length of Beard, Adil Salahi

Godís Name and the Figure 786, Adil Salahi

Good Manners With the Prophet, Sayyid Qutb

The Deepest and Most Profound Journey Into Islam, Issa Daniel Mark

Relaxed Rules at Home, Sayyid Qutb

Women in the State of Ihraam, Adil Salahi

A Practice Contrary to Islamic Teachings, Adil Salahi

Reports False and Baseless, Adil Salahi

February 2004

Congregational Prayers, Adil Salahi

Mobile Phones in Mosques, Adil Salahi

Moral Values at Home, Sayyid Qutb

Morning and Evening Supplication, Adil Salahi

Selling What One Does Not Own, Adil Salahi

Highlighting the Best Characteristics, Adil Salahi

Divorce Granted by a NonMuslim Judge, Adil Salahi

Not Included in Godís Promise, Sayyid Qutb

Controversy Over March to Basra, Adil Salahi

Zakah Is an Individual Duty, Adil Salahi

The Pilgrimage Happiness Pure and Simple, Adil Salahi

The Road to True Success, Sayyid Qutb

Payment of Zakah on Residential Property for Ones Own Use, Adil Salahi

A Wedding in the Month of Muharram, Adil Salahi

Full Obedience to God, Sayyid Qutb

Good Manners in All Situations, Adil Salahi

Ali's Troubled Reign, Adil Salahi

Permissibility of Life Insurance, Adil Salahi

January 2004

Haj Guide Chart

Food Islamic Rules and Teachings By Hassan El-Najjar

How Uthman Tried to Avoid Bloodshed, Adil Salahi

Prayer as Qada, Adil Salahi

When a Loan May Not Be Returned, Adil Salahi

Zakah on Savings for a Particular Purpose, Adil Salahi.

A Defining Moment, Khaled AlMaeena

Living in Sin Tariq, A AlMaeena

The Purpose Of Life, the Qur'an is the True Book of the True God  By Khalid Yaseen

Guidance Pointing to the Straight Path, Adil Salahi

Resistance to the Israeli Occupation, Adil Salahi

The Stoning A Symbol of Complete Devotion, Adil Salahi

Six Questions About Islam, Muslims and Jews By Hassan El-Najjar and Andee Goldman

The Blessings of Al-Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah By Shawana A. Aziz

Haj, Pilgrimage, Rituals in details

Arafat: The Pinnacle of the Pilgrimage, Adil Salahi

Participating in a New Form of Lottery, Adil Salahi

Inheritance by Two Wives, Adil Salahi

Is the Veil Obligatory Adil Salahi

Scholar of RenownAbd AlRazzaq AlSanaani, Adil Salahi

Important Things to Remember in Tawaf, Adil Salah

Snatching Eyesight Commentary, Sayyid Qutb

Food: Islamic Rules and Teachings By Hassan El-Najjar

How Uthman Tried to Avoid Bloodshed, Adil Salahi

Prayer as Qada, Adil Salahi

When a Loan May Not Be Returned, Adil Salahi

Zakah on Savings for a Particular Purpose, Adil Salahi


Earth, a planet hungry for peace


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank, like a Python. (Alquds,10/25/03).

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