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Mobile Phones in Mosques

Adil Salahi

Arab News, 2/27/04

Q.1. Some people leave their mobile phones active even when they are doing the tawaf in the Haram. If it rings, they will answer the call, interrupting their act of worship. Others place the Quran on the floor in the mosque where they would not place their money or mobiles. I once noticed one person wrapping the Quran in his prayer mat and making it a pillow to place his head on as he wanted to have a nap in the mosque. Please comment.

A.B. Mayet, Johannesburg

A. What is needed is a sense of perspective. While no one who comes to a mosque, let alone the Haram or the Prophets Mosque, wishes to be disrespectful of the place or of the worship offered there, people may unwittingly leave their mobiles on as they come in.

Should one happen to receive a call, he should switch his instrument off, except for an emergency. Moreover, treating the Quran with respect is fundamentally necessary. To use a copy of the Quran as a pillow does not demonstrate respect. If only people would learn to have a sense of proper perspective, they would not do any such act. Their education is the duty of scholars, as well as the concerned authorities.


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