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Missed Prayer and Advance Zakah 

Adil Salahi

Arab News, 6/7/04

Q.1. When we offer Sunnah prayers, do they compensate for our missed obligatory prayers? If not, do we have to pray our missed prayers alongside our regular prayers?

Q.2. A man who had a stroke could not buy his medicine because of his poverty. His brother bought the medication for him and set it off against the zakah that is bound to be due from him next Ramadan. Is this acceptable?


A.1. No, offering voluntary, or Sunnah, prayers does not compensate for obligatory ones that one had missed earlier. The two are unrelated. However, voluntary prayers are rewarded handsomely by God. If a person had missed prayers in the past, he/she should repent of this sin, making a clear resolve that he/she would not neglect their prayers in the future. If their repentance is genuine and their resolve is confirmed, then God may, if He so wills, forgive them their earlier negligence.

A.2. Since a man is not duty bound to support his poor brother, then he may give him his zakah when it is due. In this case, he should give him the money so that he could arrange for the medicine to be bought. If the sick brother is not in a position to act for himself, then it could be done on his behalf.

Having said that, I should explain that the well-off brother could earn greater reward from God, if he bought his brotherís medicine, and then paid his zakah to his brother, when it became due, or in advance. Kindness to anyone is rewarded by God, and kindness to a close relative earns double or even greater reward.



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