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Congregational Prayers

Adil Salahi

Arab News, 2/27/04

Q.1. People back home say that only one congregational prayer should be held in the mosque for any obligatory prayer. Some shopkeepers offer the prayer in a congregation in their shops, without saying the athan. Meanwhile, the place used for the Eid prayer is used only for this purpose, with no further use for the rest of the year. Is all this correct?

Q.2 Is it permissible to drink while standing, or to keep the glass away from us?

S. Akhtar, Jeddah

A.1. Some scholars are of the view you have mentioned, namely that one congregational prayer only could be offered in a particular mosque.

However, this is the weaker view. Most scholars agree that it is perfectly permissible for any group of people to form a second or third congregation, or indeed any number, provided that none has deliberately intended not to join the first one.

The Eid prayer is recommended to be offered at a public place outside the town or village, so that the whole population could join in.

It could be offered in any park or square where a large number of people could gather.

A.2. Yes, both are permissible. If you are using a long straw to drink, you could keep the glass away from you.


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