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Mosques Not Facing the Qiblah

Adil Salahi

Arab News, 7/4/04

Q. A mosque in our area is built in such a way that makes it slightly turned to the right of the direction of the Qiblah. The imam says that there is a provision that allows an angle of 30° degrees to the right or left of the Kaaba, and the prayers would still be valid. Is this true?R. Shah, Jeddah

A. The basic rule concerning the direction we face in prayer is that it should be toward the Sacred Mosque in Makkah. This is stated in verses 144, 149 and 150 of Surah 2. The fact that it is repeated three times in exactly the same wording emphasizes its importance.

Having said that, there are many mosques where you have to make your rows diagonal in a slight or marked degree in order to be in line with the Kaaba. There is nothing wrong with this, although, for convenience sake, it is better to make the mosque building properly lined with the Kaaba, so that it accommodates the largest possible number of worshippers.



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