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March 28, 2011


Text of Barack Obama's Speech About US Policy Towards Libyan Revolution Against Dictatorial Regime of Qadhafi, March 28, 2011


Russian Air Strikes on Muslim Caucasus Territory Result in Killing 17 People, 3 Russian Soldiers, March 28, 2011  


Suicide, Roadside Bombings Kill 25 Afghan Civilians, Wound 65, March 28, 2011


Sporadic Clashes Erupt as Quarter a Million Britons Protest Budget Cuts, March 28, 2011  


Arab Revolution


Libyan Revolution Fighters Advance to Qadhafi's Hometown of Sirte, March 28, 2011  


110 Yemenis Killed in Abyan Blast, Protests Continue, Dictator Saleh Still Clings to Power, March 28, 2011  


Syrian Security Forces Fire Tear Gas on Dara'a Demonstration, Tension in Latakia, March 28, 2011  


Core of Oppression on Earth: Israeli Occupation of Palestine:


Swiss Rights Groups to Protest Shimon Peres Visit, March 28, 2011  US Surgeons Arrive in the Gaza Strip for Advanced Surgical Operations, March 28, 2011  


Abbas Moves on PLO Constitution Amendments to Include Hamas and Islamic Jihad  


Islamophobia in the US:


Islamophobia in the US, March 28, 2011: Anti-Islam Tea Party Speakers in Schools !  


Islamophobia in the US, March 27, 2011: Religious Profiling at Border Crossing  


Islamophobia in the US, March 26, 2011: Coalition to Challenge NYPD Use of Anti-Muslim Film  


Islamophobia in the US, March 25, 2011: War of Words over NJ Mosque  


March 25, 2011


74 People Killed, 111 Injured in Myanmar's Earthquake, March 25, 2011


Arab Revolution Against Dictatorial Regimes:


Protests Spread All Over Syria in Solidarity with Dara'a, Demanding Freedom, Scores Killed and Injured, March 25, 2011  


NATO Enforces Libyan No-Fly Zone, Civilian Casualties in Tripoli, Fear of Stalemate, March 25, 2011  


Following Mubarak's Ploy, Yemeni Dictator Offers to Leave After Transferring Power to his Aids, "Safe Hands," March 25, 2011  


Jordanian Protesters Hold their Ground, Despite Targeting them with Violence, March 25, 2011  


Core of Oppression on Earth: Israeli Occupation of Palestine:


Israeli Attacks Continue on Gaza Strip, March 25, 2011  


Racist, Apartheid Israel Passes Laws Forbidding Palestinian Arabs from Remembrance of 1948 Israeli Takeover of Palestine  


Egyptian FM, Nabil Al-Arabi, Discusses Trying Zionist War Criminals with Ocampo in the ICC  


Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey Announces Plans to Break Israeli Siege of Gaza  


Johannesburg University Joins Academic Boycott of Apartheid Israel  


March 23, 2011


8 Palestinians Killed, 35 Injured in Israeli Attacks, Israeli Injuries in Jerusalem Blast, March 23, 2011


Libyan Forces Pull Back from Western City of Misrata Following International Airstrikes, March 23, 2011


Yemenis Continue Protests, Demanding Departure of Dictator Saleh, March 23, 2011


March 20, 2011


US-Led Alliance Launches Air Attacks on Qadhafi Forces, 64 Libyans Killed, March 20, 2011  


Reactions to US-Led Attacks on Libya from Qadhafi, African Union, China, Russia, March 20, 2011  


March 17, 2011


UN Approves No-Fly Zone Over Libya, One Hour After Qaddafi's Threat of Imminent Attack on Beni Ghazi, March 17, 2011  


Bahraini Regime Berated for Extreme Brutality, After Arrival of GCC Troops, March 17, 2011  


Yemeni Protests Continue, Fourteen Wounded in New Clashes With Security Forces  


Workers Try to Cool Japan's Overheated Reactors,  Mar 17, 2011  


March 16, 2011


Bahraini Forces Launch Full-Scale Assault on Protesters at Pearl Square, Six Killed, March 16, 2011  


Qaddafi Forces Advance to Ajdabiya, Bombs Various Revolutionary Cities, UN Still Hesitant, March 16, 2011  


Clashes in Yemen protest wound at least 150, March 16, 2011  


March 14, 2011


Death Toll Estimated at 10,000 in Japan Quake,180,000 Evacuated as Nuke-Plant Crisis Intensifies  


Qaddafi Forces and Revolutionary Fighters Alternate Dislodging Each Other in Libya's Oil-Export Area, March 13, 2011  


Yemen Clashes and Bahrain Chaos as Protests Deepen, Mar 13, 2011  

March 10, 2011


Qaddafi Forces Attack Libyan Oil-Export Areas from Land, Sea, and Air, March 10, 2011  


Yemeni Protesters Reject Dictator's Initiatives, Express Determination for Regime Change, Not Reform, March 10, 2011  


Iraqis Claim the Fifth Arab Revolution, Continuous Protests Demanding Regime Change, March 10, 2011  


4 US Soldiers Killed in Baghdad Attack, March 10, 2011  


March 9, 2011


Israeli Occupation of Palestine


Ban Ki-Moon Calls on Israel to Free Thousands of Palestinian Political Prisoners, 10,000 Palestinian Women Kidnapped Since 1967  


Israeli Prime Minister Vows To Maintain Military Occupation Of Jordan Valley  


Israeli Occupation Army Grabs More Land in Abu Dis, Demolishes Palestinian Homes in Lod and Arakib  


Israeli Occupation Army Invades Several Villages Near Jenin, Kidnaps Eight Across The West Bank  


Israeli Preparations to Quell Any Palestinian Mass Uprising in the West Bank


Black Lists of Mubarak's Regime Still Used in Rafah Crossing, Despite New Policy, Palestinian Killed in Tunnel  


March 7, 2011




Israel lobbyist funds US Presidents, Israeli Nukes, AIPAC disinformation - IRmep


Islamophobia Can Create Radicalization in the US By James Zogby  


Islamophobia in the US: News Briefs, March 8, 2011  


Islamophobia in the US: News Briefs, March 7, 2011  


Islamophobia in the US: News Briefs, March 6, 2011  


Denying HOPE Scholarship to Poor Students: A Massive Blow to Georgia's Public Education System By Dell MacLean  


Republicans Waging War on American Working Class: The Cases of Wisconsin & Ohio By Stephen Lendman  


March 6, 2011


Libyan Revolutionaries Repel Qaddafi Dictatorial Forces, US-EU TV Networks Lose Battle to Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya  


Yemeni Protesters Want Saleh to Step Down, While the Dictator Sticks to Staying Until 2013  


Israeli Occupation Forces Conduct Air Raids on Gaza, Attack Protests in Qalandia, Bil'in, and Silwan, March 6, 2011  


March 5, 2011


Dictatorial Forces of Qaddafi Attack Revolting Cities East and West, Killing Scores of Libyans


Yemenis Continue Demanding Ouster of Dictator Saleh, Who Still Plays Deaf


Jordanian Protesters Demand Going Back to 1952 Constitution to End Current Despotic Monarch


Saudi Sheikh, Tawfiq Al-Amer, Arrested for Calling for Constitutional Monarchy, Protests Planned for his Release


Constitutional Referendums in Egypt and Tunisia, Marking Steady Progress Towards Regime Change


Oil prices hit highest level since September 2008  


March 1, 2011


Al-Zawiya Revolutionary City Celebrates Winning a Battle Against Forces of Dictator Qaddafi, March 1, 2011


Violent Protests Erupt in Oman, Army Tries to Disperse Protesters


Yemeni Revolution in Full-Force in Various Cities Despites Attempts of the US-Backed Dictator, Ali Saleh, to Stay in Power


Illegal Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Villages, Property, Roads, Without Intervention from Israeli Occupation Forces, March 1, 2011


Palestinian Killed in Gaza, Another Injured in Silwan, Farmlands Razed in Al-Qarara by Israeli Occupation Forces, March 1, 2011











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