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January 30, 2011


Egyptian Revolution Continues, Demanding Regime Change, Rejecting  Sulaiman and Shafiq, Insisting on Deposing Mubarak  


Israelis Concerned, Palestinians Rejoicing Overthrow of Pro-Israel Dictatorship  


Fuel Shortage in Gaza Strip Due to Unrest in Egypt, Rafah Crossing Closed  


Unxiety About Palestinian Political Prisoners in Egypt  


January 29, 2011


Egyptian People's Revolution Continues, Mubarak Orders Government to Resign, Obama Demands Concrete Steps  


What Happens to the Twitter Revolution When There Is No Internet?  


January 25, 2011


Egyptians Protest Across the Country, Government Bans Further Protests  


Thousands Call for Mubarak to Resign in Coordinated Protests Across Egypt  


Islamophobia in the US: Gulet Mohamed Returns to the US, Peter King's Terrorism Problem, January 25, 2011  


Islamophobia in the US: NY Representative King to Appear on Anti-Muslim Group's TV Show, January 24, 2011  


AIPAC Challenged In Court Over Espionage, Gov't Document Theft- IRmep  


January 24, 2011


Aljazeera TV Releases 'Palestine Papers, Secret Documents of the Palestinian-Israeli Negotiations, Mixed Palestinian Reactions, January 24, 2011  


Erdogan Slams Israeli Internal Inquiry, Turkel Report, as Biased and Meaningless  


31 People Killed, 130 Injured in Moscow Airport Suicide Bombing, January 24, 2011  


4 NATO Soldiers, 13 Afghanis Killed in War Attacks, January 24, 2011  


25 Iraqis Killed in Karbala Car Bombing, January 24, 2011  


13 Pakistanis Killed in Three US Drone Strikes, Amidst Protests, January 23, 2011  


January 22, 2011


French Foreign Minister, Michele Alliot-Marie: The Double-Standard, Zionist Operative By Hassan El-Najjar  


President Hu's Visit Opens New Chapter in China-US Ties  


Tunisian Revolution Spreads:


Tunisian Revolution Spirit Extends to Albania: 3 Killed, Scores Injured, in Protest Rally, January 21, 2011  


Algerians Demand Democratic Rule, Defy Protest Ban, Clash with Police  


Thousands of Jordanians Protest Government Policies in Various Cities, After Friday Prayers, January 21, 2011  


Empire Wars:


2 US Soldiers, 24 Afghanis Killed, in US Air Strikes, Clashes, Roadside Bombs, January 22, 2010  


3 Dagestanis Killed by Russian Security Forces, January 21, 2011  


Israeli Aggression & Threat to World Peace:


Abbas Calls for US Recognition of Palestinian State, on 1967 Borders, as a Way Out of the Impasse  


Israeli Occupation Forces Close Shu'afat Checkpoint, Attack Palestinian Civilians  


Libyan Quds 5 Solidarity Convoy Allowed Into Gaza, Ken O'Keefe, Announces Further Hope Aid Convoys  


Palestinian Student, Al-Mu'tasem Bellah Ali Nouh, Detained in Egypt Over Inventing New Communication Technology  


January 19, 2011


Tunisians Start Revolution Against Dictatorial Regimes


Arab Economic Summit Opens in Egypt Amidst Revolts Due to High Unemployment, Rising Prices, Corruption  


2 Egyptian Men Torch themselves to Draw Attention to Unemployment and Poverty  


Palestinian Man Threatens to Torch himself to Draw Attention to the Plight of Victims of Israeli Terrorism


French Teenage Sets himself on Fire at Marseille School  


Empire Wars:


17 Iraqis Killed, 64 Injured in Two Diala Attacks, January 19, 2011  


Bomb kills 20 civilians in Afghanistan, January 19, 2011  


Palestinian Killed, Two Children Wounded In Israeli Bombardment of Northern Gaza  




Chinese President, Hu Jintao, Starts State Visit to the US, January 18, 2011  


Golden Opportunities for China-US Collaboration in Clean Energy  


Israeli Aggression and Threat to World Peace:


Palestinian Killed, Two Children Wounded In Israeli Bombardment of Northern Gaza  


US Opposes UN Condemnation of Illegal Israeli Settlements But Allows Hoisting Palestinian Flag  


Israeli Law, Measures Allow Torture and Arrest of Released Palestinian Political Prisoners  


World Zionist Organization Settlements Division Back With Netanyahu  


Islamophobia in the US:


Muslim-Basher and Islamophobe, Robert Spencer, Trains US Military Personnel in Kentucky


Islamophobia in the US: January 19, 2011  


Islamophobia in the US: MLK Example for American Muslims, January 17, 2011  


Islamophobia in the US: Representative Peter King, R-NY, Says American Muslims Aren't Americans, January 15, 2011


Islamophobia in the US: January 3, 2011  


Islamophobian in the US: January 2, 2011  


 Islamophobia in the US: January 1, 2011  


CAIR Seeks Hate Crime Charges for Assault on Idaho Muslim  


CAIR Sues for Return of Virginia Muslim on No-Fly List, Which Amounts to Effective Banishment  


Indiana Lawmakers Asked Not to Consider Anti-Islam Bill  


Michigan Judge Prohibits Islamophobe, Debbie Schlussel, from Using Acronym for Muslim Civil Rights Group, CAIR  


Missouri Mosque Vandalized with Hate Graffiti


January 18, 2011


Tunisian Revolution Continues, New Government Prepares for Elections


60 Iraqis Killed, 150 Wounded in Tikrit Suicide Bombing, Targeting Police Recruits, January 18, 2011  


Two US Soldiers Die in Afghanistan  


Abbas Welcomes Russian President, Medvedev, in Jericho  


Israeli Zionists from the Labor Party Perform a New Stunt, to Strengthen the Netanyahu Settler Government  


Israeli Rabbis Call for Extermination Camps to Kill Palestinian Arabs


January 12, 2011


Tunisians Continue Protests, Death Toll 23, Interior Minister Sacked  


Turnout in South Sudan Vote Surpasses 60 Percent Threshold  


Empire Wars:


5 US Soldiers, 8 Afghani Security Officers Killed in War Attacks, January 12, 2011  


25 Pakistanis Killed, 15 Injured in Suicide Attack on Police Station in Bannu, January 18, 2011  


Israeli Occupation Forces Assassinate Palestinian Fighter Inside Gaza Strip, Try to Impose Security Buffer Zone  


US State Department Hires Blackwater-Affiliated Security Firm to Operate in the Palestinian Territory of the West Bank  


Israeli Aggression and Threat to World Peace:


Netanyahu Incite the US to Threaten Iran With Credible Military Action, in Order to Keep Israel as the Only Nuclear Power in the Middle East  


Israeli Rabbi Dov Lior Says Non-Jews Are Cruel and Barbaric, Jewish Women Shouldn't Accept their Sperms  


Avigdor Lieberman, Following Netanyahu, Visits Subjugated Greece


January 10, 2011




Snow Storm Hits Southern United States, January 10, 2011  


Republican Extreme Rhetoric Incites Prejudice, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot in Arizona  


Empire Wars:


Scores of Afghanis and NATO Soldiers Killed in Endless Afghanistan War Attacks, January 10, 2011  


About 60 Killed in Sudan's Abyei Clashes  


Director of Iraqi Police in the City of Hit Assassinated, Curfew Imposed  


Israeli Operatives Nabbed Over Iran Scientist Hit  


Protests in the Empire's North African Provinces:


Algerian Protests Turn Deadly on Fourth Day of Unrest, January 8, 2011  


Tunisian Government Confirms Civilian Casualties During Protests, January 10, 2011  


Empire Headquarters News:


Five Palestinians Seriously Wounded in Tunnel Explosion  


Israeli Soldiers Raid Palestinian Jerusalemite Neighborhood of Silwan, Using Choppers


Israeli Academics Boycott Illegal Ariel Settlement University  


Israeli Occupation Government Demolish Shepherd Hotel In Palestinian Jerusalemite Neighborhood of Shaikh Jarrah  


Israeli Occupation Government Razed 12 Buildings in Occupied Jerusalem Within a Week


January 9, 2011




Examples of Islamophobia in the US: January 9, 2011  


Islamophobia in the US: January 8, 2011  


Christian Zionism: Brigitte Gabriel Leads ACT, an Anti-Islam Hate Group in Florida, Promoting Islamphobia in the US  


CAIR: Indiana Lawmakers Asked Not to Consider Anti-Islam Bill  


Napolitano, Gates to Drop Muslim-Bashers as Trainers  


Oklahoma Man Faces Hate Crime Charge for Threat to Islamic School  


January 8, 2011


Empire Wars:


17 Afghani Killed in Bombing Attack, 5,500 US  Soldiers Injured in 2010  


Nine Killed in Southern Sudan Clashes, Al-Bashir Warns of Instability  


Israeli Threat to World Peace:


Of Course, Israel Is Egypt's Enemy   


Chile, 5th Latin American Country in Recognition of Palestine as Independent State  


Israeli Aggression on the Palestinian People:


Trigger-Happy Israeli Occupation Soldier Kill Elderly Qawasimi in his Bed, Then Ask About his ID Card  


Trigger-Happy Israeli Occupation Soldiers Shoot Palestinian at Al-Hamra Checkpoint


Injuries Reported in Silwan Clashes Between Palestinians and Israeli Occupation Soldiers  


Three injured at Bil'in protest commemorating woman killed by tear gas last week  


Doctors Shocked Over Gaza Child Deformity Due to Israeli Use of Banned Weapons


January 5, 2011


6 Afghani Civilian, Policeman Killed in War Attacks, Anti-US Rally  in Ghazni, January 5, 2011  


Avigdor Lieberman Mocks Subordinate US-EU Governments, Telling them to Stop Raising Palestinian Expectations for Statehood  


Israeli Warplanes Raid Besieged Gaza, January 5, 2011  


Israeli occupation soldiers arrest European activists at Hamra checkpoint  


Israeli Police Raid homes of Israeli Peace Activists  


January 4, 2011


US Stocks Start 2011 at New Highs, Dollar Climbs, Oil at 27-month high  


80 African Immigrants Drown Off South Yemen Coast  


Empire Wars:


2 US Soldiers, 8 Iraqi Security Officers Killed in War Attacks, January 3, 2011  


NATO Soldier Killed In Afghanistan, January 3, 2011  


Israeli Aggression & Threat to World Peace:


Illegal Israeli Settlers Wreak Havoc in the West Bank  Village of Qasra  


Asia Aid Convoy Arrives in Gaza, 120 Activists Entered Through Rafah Out of 180  


Activists on Board Asia Life Line to Gaza Under Threat for Life  


January 2, 2011


Dilma Rousseff Sworn in as Brazil's First Female President  


Empire Wars:


2 NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan War Attacks, January 1, 2011  


US Drone Missile Strikes Kill 15 Pakistanis, in North Waziristan  


Iran Shoots Down Many Western Drones, IRGC Commander  


Palestinian Killed by Israeli Occupation Army Fire at a Roadblock in the Jordan Valley  


Palestinian Woman, Jawaher Abu Rahmah, Killed by Israeli Poison Gas in Bil'in  


Israeli Aggression & Threat to World Peace:


Following Israeli Policy Dictates, US Prefers Negotiation to Palestinian UN Drive  


Gaza Today Is Harder to Break, Fears No Israeli Threats, Says Masri  


Israeli Knesset Approves $564 to Illegal Settlement Construction in Palestinian Lands  


Israeli shooting dangerous escalation, says PA  


Israeli Airstrikes Injure 2 in Gaza  


Israeli Violations of Human Rights in Jerusalem Escalated in December 2010







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