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Articles & Editorials About the Zionist Empire, World Conflict, US Foreign Policy, & Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

By Dr. Hassan Ali El-Najjar *

Editor of Al-Jazeerah: Cross-Cultural Understanding



Can Ron Paul Defeat Candidates of the Zionist Propaganda Machine


Macky Sall Wins Senegal's Presidential Election, Giving Example of How Opposition Parties Can win


Mitt Romney's GOP Convention Speech, More American Wars for Israel


US Capitalist Greed, Supreme Court May Deprive 30 Million Americans from Having Access to Health Care in Favor of Employers, Insurance Companies  


Islam, Muslims, and US Foreign Policy in the Middle East


Israel Agrees to Ceasefire, Halt in Assassination, and Ending Blockade of Gaza


John Kerry to Be Easily Confirmed as Secretary of State, After Character Assassination of Susan Rice


Majority of US Democrats Scream, Jerusalem Is Not the Capital of Israel


Mitt Romney Praises his Israeli Masters for Stealing Palestinian and American Fortunes


New Arab Democracies and the Trap of Western Campaign Finance


Palestinian Bid for Non-Member UN Status, Correcting a Wrong 65 Years Later


The Islamic Solution for Such Love Triangles as That of Hollande, Trieweir, and Royal


US Ambassador, 3 Diplomats Killed in Libya, in Riots Triggered by Anti-Islam Film Produced by an Israeli American


Health Care in Favor of Employers, Insurance Companies






Islam: God's Message of Guidance to Humanity


By Hassan Ali El-Najjar


Table of Contents


I. Introduction: Basic Information


1. Islam: A Brief Introduction  


2. Three Levels of Faith: Islam, Iman, and I'hsan 


3. The Scientific Evidence That God Exists and the Holy Qur'an Is His Message to Humanity 


4. Creation and Evolution in the Holy Qur'an


5. Humans, As God's Caliphs on Earth


6. Adam's Contest With the Angels, and Getting Out of Paradise

7. Worshippers By Choice Or Forced Slaves?  


8. The Relationship Between the Spiritual and the Physical Aspects of Islamic Teachings  


9. Mind, Self, Soul, Spirit, and Happiness from an Islamic Perspective 


10. Heart-Mind Relationship in the Holy Qur'an  


II. Islam: The Five Pillars of the Faith Structure


1. Islamic Proclamation of Faith


2. Performing Islamic Prayers


3. Giving Zakat, Charity, The Third Islamic Duty


4. Fasting and Ramadhan, Great Gifts from Allah to Muslims


5. Haj, Pilgrimage, the Fifth Pillar of Islam


III. Iman: Allah, His Angels, Messengers, Messages, Last Day, Qada and Qadar


1. Allah, As He Described Himself in the Holy Quran 


2. Angels


3. Noo'h, Noah, in the Holy Quran  


4. Ibrahim, Abraham, in the Holy Quran


5. Moussa, Moses, In the Holy Quran


6. 'Eissa, Jesus Christ, in the Holy Quran  


7. Muhammed in the Holy Quran


8. Prophet Muhammed's Night Journey and Ascent to Heavens, Al-Issra Wal Mi'raj


9. The Last Day: The Hour, Resurrection, Reckoning, and Judgment


10. God's Precise Measurement and His Just Decree, Al-Qadar Wal Qadha


IV. I'hsan: Watching Allah in Speech and Deeds


1. Introduction to Islamic Law, Shari'a: Part I, Prohibition and Don't Do Commands in the Holy Quran


2. The No (La) Commands


3. The Imperative Commands 




Articles with Islamic Perspective:


Suicide and Mass Shooting: An Islamic Perspective


Health Care Crisis in the US: An Islamic Perspective


"Terrorism" & "Islamo-Fascism" Propaganda Campaigns: An Interactive Lecture  


Six Questions About Islam, Muslims and Jews


Five Islamic Issues: Predestination and choice, position toward other religions, angels, and the End of Days

Food Islamic Rules and Teachings  


Are Muslim women second-class citizens  


The French Ban on Islamic Headscarf











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