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Hundresds of Palestinians Injured by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, Illegal Settlers Attack Olive Farmers, October 27, 2019 October/27 o/74 Kurdish Fighters, 49 Turkish-Backed fighters Killed in Turkish Offensive, US Forces Not Withdrawing from Syria, October 27, 2019    



Palestinian Killed, Scores Injured and Abducted by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, Illegal Settlers Attack Farmers and Beat a Rabbi, October 21, 2019 Russian Air Strikes on Latakia, Policing of Ayn Al-Arab to Separate Turkish and Syrian Forces, October 23, 2019 67 Iraqis Killed, Thousands Injured During Protests Against the Corrupt Regime, October Death Toll 224, October 27, 2019 As UAE Forces Withdraw from Yemen Taking Dragon's Blood trees with them, Saudis and Hadi Government Replace them, October 25, 2019
Lebanese Protesters Do Not Trust Traditional Leaders, Demand a Technocrat Government, October 25, 2019 Hundreds of Thousands of Catalans March Peacefully Calling for Release of Leaders, October 26, 2019 Chile's Violent Protests Reflect Grievances of Rising Costs of Higher Education, Health Care, Transportation, and Small Penions, October 25, 2019 Hong Kong Protesters Add Police Brutality to the List of their Opposition to Government Policies, October 26, 2019



US and China Close to Finalising Parts of Phase-One Trade Deal, October 26, 2019 Tunisians Elect Qays Sa'yid, as 3rd President of the Second Revolutionary Republic, October 25, 2019 Jane Fonda Thanks BAFTA for Britannia Award During Arrest, October 26, 2019 US Education Official, Wayne Johnson, to Resign, Calls for Mass Student Loan Forgiveness, October 24, 2019



Netanyahu voices hope for Syria ceasefire in Pompeo talks, AFP, October 18, 2019 Trump on Turks and Kurds, 'Like two kids in a lot, you've got to let them fight', October 18, 2019 Mattis responds to Trump criticism, 'I guess I'm the Meryl Streep of generals' October 18, 2019 Gabbard hits back at 'queen of warmongers' Hillary Clinton, October 19, 2019





Scores of Palestinians Abducted by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, Illegal Israeli Settlers Attack Farmers, Prisoners on Hunger Strike, October 15, 2019 Syrian Forces Deployed to Stop the Turkish Advance, 250,000 People Became Displaced, Hundreds of SDF Fighters Killed, October 15, 2019 After an Understanding with Iran, UAE Withdraws its Troops from Southern Yemen, Saudi Forces Arrive Replacing them, October 15, 2019 Putin's Visits to Saudi Arabia and UAE Reflects Rising Russian Influence in the Middle East, October 15, 2019




China Focus: China-Europe freight train adds new route to Belgium
39 Afghani Civilians Killed in a US Air Strike, 16 Soldiers and Policemen Killed by Taliban in Two Attacks, October 9, 2019 Trump Administration to Announce Exit from Open Skies Treaty, Democrats Oppose the Pollout, October 9, 2019 China-Europe Freight Train Adds New Route to Belgium, Bringing it to a Total of 11 Routes, to 37 Countries Across Eurasia, October 10, 2019 30,288 Americans Killed in Gun Violence in the First Nine Months of 2019, Including 11,610 Homicides, and 18,678 Suicides, October 10, 2019




Israeli Occupation Soldiers Injure 5 Palestinians in Nablus, Abduct Dozens of Civilians, and Protect Illegal Settlers in their Provocztions, October 9, 2019 Turkish Troops Advance Into Northern Syria, But Meeting Resistance from Kurdish SDF in Tal Abyad, October 10, 2019 180 Iraqis Killed and 5,000 Injured by Militiamen Wearing Security Forces, Uniform, While Protesting Government Corruption, October 9, 2019 Houthi Truce Proposal Seems Working, Emarati Troops Prepare for Withdrawal from Yemen, Sudanses Left Aden, and No Saudi Air Strikes, October 9, 2019




  As Turkish Forces Prepare for an Imminent Intervention in Northeastern Syria, Regime and Opposition Forces Exchange Fire in Idlib and Hama, October 9, 2019    







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