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Israeli Apartheid, Racist Regime Continues Human Rights Violations, Persecution, and Oppression of the Palesstinian People, with Full US Support, November 24, 2019 New Russian Air Strikes on Idlib, 4th Brigade of the Syrian Army Forms an Ally Militia Called Capital Shield, November 30, 2019 16 Iraqis Killed by Security Forces After Burning Down the Iranian Consulate in Najaf, November 28, 2019 Rallies in various Italian cities opposing the rise of Salvini and his far right party, November 30, 2019




More than 400 Hong Kong Protesters Arrested as They Try to Escape from university Campus, November 18, 2019 Iranians Protest Against Increasing Gasoline Prices, November 19, 2019 Anti-Government Protest in Prague Demanding Resignation of Prime Minister, November 16, 2019 Yellow Vest Protests Observe Anniversary with More Violence in France, November 19, 2019




34 Palestinians Killed, Over 100 Injured, Including Women and Children, in Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza, November 14, 2019 

Condemnatoin of Trump Administration for its Capitulation to Netanyahu on the Illegal Israeli Settlements in Palestine, November 19, 2019



Israeli Corruption on Earth Continues with More Oppression and Repression of the Palestinian People, November 11, 2019 90 Russian-Syrian Regime Air Strikes on Idlib Countryside, Shelling and Violent Clashes in Jabal al-Akrad, November 14, 2019 Four More Iraqi Protesters Killed, 52 Injured, by Tear Gas Bombs, in Baghdad, November 14, 2019 6 Pro-Saudi Yemeni Soldiers killed in a Rocket Attack on Marib, One Thousand Deaths of Cholera, this Year, November 14, 2019
Evo Morales Arrives for Asylum in Mexico, Condemns the Military Coup in Bolivia, November 14, 2019 Xi Jinping Again Backs Hong Kong Police Use of Force in Stopping Unrest, November 14, 2019 Santa Clarita School Shooting Was Number 367, Part of US Gun Violence, Leading to 34,168 Deaths this Year, November 15, 2019 Full Text of BRICS Summit Brasilia Declaration, by Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, November 15, 2019




2 Palestinians Killed, 102 Injured, 8 Abducted by Israeli Occupation Forces, Illegal Settlers Steal Olive Harvest, November 3, 2019 Turkish Drones Target SDF Positions, Russian Air Strikes on Idlib Countryside, Syrian Regime's Helicopters Target Jabal al-Akrad, November 3, 2019 Iraqi Protesters Joined by University Students and Government Employees Demand the Overthrow of the Regime, November 3, 2019 Following UAE, Sudan Withdraws Troops from Yemen, US Urges Saudis to Reach an Agreement with Houthis, November 3, 2019
JUI-F activists listen to their leaders during the Azadi March on Monday. — AP
Lebanon Anti-Government Protesters Return to Streets After Pro-Aoun Rally, Nasrallah Calls for Dialogue, November 4, 2019 Scottish Protesters Call for Independence from Britain, Nicola Sturgeon Says it's within a Touching Distance, November 4, 2019 Azadi March Against Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, Calling for his Resignation and for Early Elections, November 4, 2019 French Yellow-Vest Protesters Hold National Assembly to Debate Future of the Movement, November 5, 2019




Xi Focus: Xi hosts banquet for guests attending int'l import expo
A year from US Election Day, Democratic Contenders Extend Leads Over Trump, November 5, 2019 The second Changhai International Expo Ospens on November 5-10, 2019 Outgoing Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, Says his Kiss to Putin Certainly Didn't Hurt Europe, November 5, 2019 15 Members of Thai Village Defense Killed at a Checkpoint in Southern Thailand, November 6, 2019



























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