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Israeli Occupation Soldiers Injure Dozens of Palestinians, Abducts 21 Civilians, February 22, 2019 Illegal Israeli Settlers Attack Two Palestinian Villages, Damage Property, Write Racist Graffiti, Support by Soldiers, February 22, 2019 Israeli Occupation Soldiers Injure 30 Palestinian Schoolchildren, Assault A Blind Man in His Home, Provoke Worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque, February 22, 2019 A Cancer Ward, Donated by the US Charity PCRF, Inaugurated in Gaza, February 19, 2019
38 Syrians Killed in Idlib, Dar'a, and Hama, 8,000 Foreign Fighters Rejected by their Countries, February 22, 2019 Daily Killing, Arrests, Mistreatment of Iraqis in Northern Provinces, for ISIS Suspecion, About 2 Millions of them Still Refugees, February 22, 2019 Yemen Houthis Renew Approval of Al-Hodeidah's Partial Withdrawal Plan, February 10, 2019 President Rouhani and 135 Members of Parliament Back Zarif as Iran's Foreign Minister, February 27, 2019



2 Palestinian Teens Killed, One Lost his Eye East of Gaza, by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, 2 Political Prisoners Die in Prison, February 10, 2019 Scores of Palestinians Injured in Attacks by Israeli Occupation Soldiers on Homes, Farms, Mosques, Boats, February 10, 2019 2 Palestinians Killed, 109 Injured, Including 31 Children, 3 Women, a Journalist, and a Female Paramed, January 31-February 6, 2019 PCHR Weekly Report Warsaw Conference Condemned by Palestinian Authority, 15,000 Illegal Israeli Settlement Units Built on Palestinian Lands During 2018, February 10, 2019
31 Syrians Killed on February 8, Khan Shaykhun Massacre, US Air Strikes Backing Kurdish Fighters Attacking ISIS Last 4-Square KM Area, February 10, 2019 US Air Strikes Continue on Iraqi-ISIS Targets, US Forces Reinforce Positions on the Iraqi Syrian Border, February 10, 2019 Dozens of Yemenis Killed in Fighting from Both Sides, Morroco Stops Participation in Saudi-Led Coalition, February 10, 2019 30 Libyans Killed, 111 Injured in Murzuk Air Strike and Clashes, Haftar's Forces Gain Control of Al-Sharara Oil Field, February 10, 2019










































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