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Israeli Occupation Soldiers Attack Peaceful Palestinian Protesters with Bullets and Gas Bombs, Illegal Israeli Settlers Attacks on the Rise, December 17, 2019 Russian-Syrian Regime Air Strikes on Eastern Countryside of Ma'arrat Al-Nu'man, 8000 Civiliens Displaced as a Result, December 17, 2019 Protests Continue in Iraq Amid Disagreement on Nominating a Prime Minister, Tensions Rising Between Shi'i Milititias, December 17, 2019 Lebanese Protesters Slam Aoun's Decision to Delay Talks to Pick PM, Clashes Rock Beirut for a Second Night, December 17, 2019
Algerians Elect Tebboune President with 40% Turnout, Protests Resume for a Total Regime Change, December 17, 2019 58 Afghanis Killed, 94 Injured in 5 Attacks, Mostly Civilians, December 17, 2019 Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf sentenced to death in absentia, for High Treason of Suspending the Consititution, December 17, 2019 French Crowds March as Government Stands Firm on Pension Reform, December 17, 2019





64 Palestinian Peaceful Protesters Injured Inside Gaza by Israeli Occupation Soldiers from Across the Border, December 8, 2019 21 Syrians Killed by Russian-Regime Bombadment on Idlib, 38,000 Civilians Displaced in one week, December 8, 2019  Iraqi Protesters Insist on the Departure of the Corrupt Regime, Not Deterred by Killing 24 of them in Baghdad, December 8, 2019 Protests Erupt in Lebanon, Following Reports of Poverty-Related Suicide Cases, Al-Khatib Withdraws Candidacy for Premiership, December 4, 2019




2 Palestinian Teenagers Killed, Several Abducted, and Homes Demolished by Israeli Occupation Soldiers,December 1, 2019 New Russian Air Strikes on Idlib, 4th Brigade of the Syrian Army Forms an Ally Militia Called Capital Shield, November 30, 2019 16 Iraqis Killed by Security Forces After Burning Down the Iranian Consulate in Najaf, November 28, 2019 Trump and Macron Clash About Turkey, Kurds, and ISIS at NATO Summit in London, December 3, 2019










































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