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June 29, 2011


British Conservative Government Detains Visiting Shaikh Raed Salah to Deport him Before Speaking to British Members of Parliament  

Greeks Escalate Protests Against Austerity Bill Reaching Early Revolution Stage  

Israeli Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef Endorses Killing of Non-Jews Document  


June 27, 2011


Arab Revolution


Libyan Regime Rejects International Arrest Warrant for Gaddafi  


Syrian Regime Offers Multilateral 'National Dialogue'  

President Saleh to Make Media Appearance Despite Burns  


 Israeli Aggression & Threat to Humanity


Israel: Flotilla will be prevented from reaching Gaza  


Israel Pressuring Greece to Halt Gaza Flotilla  


Israel Says Journalists Onboard Freedom Flotilla Will Not Be Allowed Into Israel  


German activists hold 'solidarity flotilla' in Berlin canals  


Malaysian Premier Najib Abdul Razak Appeals to UN Secretary General to support Freedom Flotilla II  


US Government Threatens to Arrest American Activists Participating in Gaza Flotilla, Boat Maybe Sabotaged in Greece  


Pressured by Freedom Flotilla,Israel Allows Construction Materials for 1,200 Homes and 18 Schools in Gaza  

US Corruption


Former US Governor, Rod Blagojevich, Found Guilty of Corruption  


US Government Threatens to Arrest American Activists Participating in Gaza Flotilla, Boat Maybe Sabotaged in Greece


US Islamophobia


Report Documenting Rising Islamophobia in the US, June 27, 2011  


Allen West Smears Islam, Abercrombie & Fitch Sued for Firing Muslim Woman with Headscarf  


June 21, 2011


Israel Sells $7.2 Billion in Arms Exports, While Squeezing US Taxpayers of $3 Billion in Annual Military Aid  


Second Gaza Aid Flotilla to Sail Late June, Including Activists from 40 Countries  


Greek government survives vote, battles on to avert bankruptcy  


30 Iraqis killed in spate of bomb attacks, June 21, 2011  


Seven protesters killed in Syria during rallies  


Gaddafi forces attack city of Misrata with rockets  


Yemeni tribal chief, Sadeq Al-Ahmer says Saleh's return could spark war  


Moroccans Continue Protests Against King's Reform Proposal  


Jordanian Media Affairs Minister, Taher Al-Odwan, Resigns in Protest Against New Law Restricting Media Freedoms  


Egypt military posts Facebook poll on 18 presidential hopefuls, with El-Baradei as most popular  


June 13, 2011


Greece Rejects S&P Credit Downgrading, Default Expectations, Dollar and Oil Prices Fall


Republicans Assail Obama, Not Each Other in New Hampshire Debate  


5 Iraqis Killed, 25 Wounded in Basra Blast


Syrian Revolution Against Dictatorship Continues Despite Army Control of Jisr al-Shughour  


German FM Guido Westerwelle in Bani Ghazi Recognizing the Libyan National Transitional Council  


Yemeni Protesters Give VP 24-Hour Ultimatum to Form Transitional Council or They Will Do it  


June 9, 2011


Israeli Aggression


Illegal Israeli Jewish Settler Terrorists Burn a Mosque in the West Bank  


Illegal Israeli Jewish Settlers Desecrate Al-Aqsa Mosque Complex by Drinking Wine and Smashing Bottles There  


Illegal Israeli Jewish Settlers Set Fire to Agricultural Land Near Al-Khalil  


Video About Israeli Peace Activists Protesting Israeli Settler and Police Persecution of Palestinians in East Jerusalem  


June 7, 2011


5 US Soldiers Killed in Baghdad

120 Syrian Security Officers Killed in Jisr Al Shughour  

Yemeni Revolution Is Still Mainly Peaceful Despite Some Fighting in Taez and Zinjibar  

NATO Steps Up Attacks on Tripoli with Daytime Raids  

US Congressman Weiner admits "dumb" exchanges with women


June 4, 2011


US-Israel and Palestine


US-EU Attempt to Block Naksa Marches to Borders of Occupied Palestine, Netanyahu Threatens Protesters  


US Attempts to Block Sail of Gaza Freedom Flotilla  


Egypt Reopens Gaza Border Crossing After Tense Delay, Despite US-Israeli Pressure  


Besieged Gaza Population Reach 1.7 Millions  


Arab Revolution


33 Videos of Chants, Songs, and Protests of the Egyptian Revolution, January-February 2011  


Israel wishes liberals in the next Egyptian elections 'good luck' By Khalid Amayreh  


Saleh Leaves Yemen to Saudi Arabia for Treatment After Attack, VP Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi Acting President  


Yemen on Brink After Shelling Wounds President Saleh and Top Government Officials  


70 Syrian Protesters Shot Dead by Security Forces, 38 in Hamah, Protests Continue All Over the Country  


Egyptian Ex-Finance Minister, Yussef Boutros Ghali, Gets 30 Years in Absentia  


Egyptian Revolution May Save Neolithic Treasure, Was Threatened by Mubarak's Regime  


Jordanians Step Up Protests Calling for PMs Resignation  


Protests Continue in Bahrain, Government Reinstate Grand Prix  


Municipal Elections in Saudi Arabia in September,  12,000 Candidates Registered


European Revolution


Greek Unions Stage New Rally Against Government Cuts  


'Spanish Revolution' Sparks Wave of Protests in Europe  


Empire Wars


7 NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Attacks, US Attempts Talks With Taliban, June 3-4, 2011  


21 Iraqis Killed in Tikrit, 10 in Ramadi, Attack on US Patrol, June 2-3, 2011  


US Drone Missile Strike Kills Five in Pakistan, June 3, 2011  


Power Elite Lifestyle


John Edwards Indicted in $925K Mistress Cover-Up  


Representative Anthony Weiner of New York Sends a Lewd Photo to Female Student in Seattle  


Former French Minister Caught sexually Abusing Young Moroccan Boys  


French Civil Service Minister, Georges Tron, Resigns After Accusations of sexual Harassment from Two Women, May 30, 2011  






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