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The US-EU-Russian Wars on the Middle East Prepare for Extending Israel, from Egypt to Iraq

By Hassan El-Najjar

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, April 11, 2017 


There was a country called Syria !  


Today's Zionist World System is composed of four main superpowers. These are the US, EU, Russia, and China, which all compete to serve the Zionist control of the world, in order to be allowed to enjoy the benefits that come with their superpower status, basically looting resources of other people around the world.

The World Zionists have been working diligently for centuries to establish their own empire, starting with the establishment of Israel in 1948, for which they have been planning to extend from the Nile river in Egypt to the Euphrates river in Iraq, to be their headquarters in ruling the rest of the world directly. This Zionist plan was stopped by the resistance of the Arab-Muslim states in the Middle East. Therefore, since 1982, Zionists concluded that these Arab states need to be destroyed one after another, which explains why the United States has invaded the Middle East since 1990.

The destruction of the Arab states in Iraq and Syria, in particular, proved to be a hard job for the United States to do it alone. Therefore, its European subordinate states had to participate. Russia was also induced to participate in the Zionist endeavor of destroying the Arab-Muslim states, to pave the way for the establishment of greater Israel.

Concerning China, Henry Kissinger induced it to be part of the world Zionist system since 1972, which led it to become the world economic power house. The Chinese success could not have been achieved without help from Zionists, which allowed China to become part of the World Trade Organization, and to have access to the US-EU military and civilian technological knowledge. However, China has been kept away from involvement in the Middle Eastern inferno. It's busy with its economic rise so far.

This is a necessary background for readers to understand the US-EU-Russian wars against the Arab states in the Middle East. These powers have been doing what the Zionist rulers of the world want them to do. They have been successful so far in controlling the oil-rich Gulf states, the subjugation of Egypt and Jordan through the peace treaties with Israel, the actual destruction of Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia, as well as the loss of South Sudan.

In order for politicians in these superpowers to sell their imperialist collaboration with the world Zionist rulers in these destructive endeavors, they needed to bribe the wealthy upper classes within their societies with enormous benefits, emanating from involvement in these wars. These include the military-security establishments, the military industries and their tributaries, the energy industries, and the propaganda (media) machines, to name some of the war beneficiaries.

The process of the Zionist "creative destruction" in the Middle East, has resulted in killing millions of Arabs, evicting tens of millions from their ancestral homeland, to become refugees everywhere, almost total destruction of homes, infrastructure, economies, and cultural fabrics of the targeted Arab states.

The Zionist plan of destroying the Middle East, using the world superpowers, has been successful so far. Muslim Arabs have almost been successfully subjugated.

Israel has no rivals in the entire Middle Eastern region. It's the de facto and only nuclear superpower that dominates the entire region.

So, the daily news stories about death and destruction in the Middle East only differ in how many people are killed and injured, and in which city or state.

 It is a continuous war of destruction and subjugation by the US-EU-Russia against the Arab states in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel in the region and for the war industry beneficiaries back home.

Non-Arab Muslim states have been spared of destruction so far, as long as they are part of NATO, like Turkey, or at least neutral, like the rest of Muslim states. However, if any Muslim state becomes involved in the conflict, it is destroyed, like Afghanistan.

When Iran was adverserial to Iraq, it was spared. Actually, it was given a free hand to extend its influence in Iraq starting from the US invasion and occupation, in 2003. However, when Iran tried to protect itself, by establishing its own nuclear program, it became a target for destruction, even after the liberal Zionists in the Obama administration succeeded in stopping the program.

The neoconservative Zionists, represented by Netanyahu-Adelson, opposed the agreement for fear that it may allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons in the future. They want to make sure that Israel continue to be the only nuclear superpower in the Middle East.


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