Blair, trying to be an active imperialist status,

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ends up a pro-Israel dummy

The British Prime Minister Tony Blair is disappointed, like Sharon, about Palestinian democracy, as if this is the problem. Thus doing, he insists to be a pro-Israeli dummy, repeating what rulers of Israel say without thinking. Earlier in the week, Blair did not rule out attacking Iraq even if the UN inspectors return. This means nothing except rejuvenating the British imperialist status. Today's editorial is a reaction to Blair's statements about Palestine, written by the Political Editor of Palestine News Agency.

The absence of the democratic awareness

Gaza May 17th 2002 Wafa Political Editor:

Democratic rules ought to be respected and not violated especially by those who proclaim to be democracy protectors as if it was their own monopoly as they monopolize the world, but when it concerns us, then every thing is possible even violating this democracy and boldly violating the human and nations’ rights.

It seems to be that the USA Administration and the British Government do not understand or sense the depth of the Palestinian issue. Furthermore the impression received from them is that their concept and evaluation to the Palestinian issue are controlled and doomed by the Israeli concept.

We do not recall that Mr. Blair, the heir of the historical responsibility of the consecutive British Governments to our “Nakba” of losing our land our blood and the loss of our independence and freedom, ever described that what has happened in Jenin Refugee Camp, Nablus and other Palestinian places and still taking place, of being massacres and war crimes, he did not even dare to condemn the Israelis and their Prime Minister or even criticize them. Mr. Blair did not even refer to the ongoing expansions of the illegal Israeli settlements daily provoking the Palestinians; he did not mention the Palestinian land being confiscated or the Palestinian infrastructure being continuously destroyed by the Israeli occupation forces.

We hear disastrous declarations from the USA and British officials; as if the Palestinian land is not occupied anymore, especially in an era where all other occupations have vanished. They declared that President Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian authority, failed to fulfill their anticipations and failed to exert more efforts to meet up with the Israeli demands, the Palestinians even did not accept the Israeli generous offers presented by the former Prime Minister Barak. Such declarations represent political naivety, are they as such? The issue in not how much we accept or refuse of the suggestions, as much as it is the quality of the basis established for the final settlement, solid basis with solid references that will enable the final settlement to endure.

This is not the place neither the timing to discuss Barak’s “generous offers”!, but all we need to mention is that these offers aimed to isolate the Palestinian populated places one from the other, leaving the Palestinians scattered cities, towns, villages and refugee camps, where moving from one to the other requires passing through Israeli controlled areas. Such offers of a limb state are the least described as raping the sovereignty of the yet unborn state.

Mr. Blair should have better omitted the colonialism transcendence and deal with the Palestinians as they are worthy of dignity, independence and sovereignty.

Our Palestinian people are not only under a brutal and savage occupation, but also our remaining homeland is being raped and stolen on daily basis, and as we are confronting the regional and International changes, we have to deal with the current situation with mature realistic view, therefore we have elevated and accepted the historical reconciliation with a firm and steady spirit, yet we were replied by the Israelis with this much of extreme aggression summarized not only by Sharon being the head of this Government but also the recent governing Likud party’s decision of refusing the establishment of the Palestinian state even in the remaining lands.

Nor Yasser Arafat neither the Palestinians have disappointed anyone, on the contrary the others have disappointed us all the way through. The resistances of our people became terror!!, whilst the practices Sharon’s Government in the occupied Palestinian lands, are considered self defense!!. Frankly, this is not only frustrating but also invokes suicidal strikes, because this is what exactly happens when death becomes equal to death.

We will not submit to Mr. Blair, nor his insinuations, expressions, warnings and conditions, dictations will ever divert us from our ambitions and believes or our national sacred goals, we shall do what we have to do according to the demands of our interest, and as our vital nation’s creativity develops we need to deepen the freedom launching and repeating the elections experience invoked out of our democracy on which we are building our new and modern society and institutions in a manner that the Palestinians are worthy of.

The Sirs in Washington and in London must carefully reevaluate the issues, because through conspiracies they can’t form the fate of anyone anymore, especially the Palestinians who want to form their fate from within their own democratically elected Leadership.

There are no more dark allies where policies could be cocked and imposed on others away from their awareness, memory and vision, and no one could be convinced that Sharon is a peace dove; trying to sell such an image of this criminal is simply rape of the intelligence, and the ethical morality of the world, similar to those who pretend to be the defenders of democracy, yet they do not see that the occupation must be ended and erased, but all they see is that resisting occupation is terror.

Then …

We do not wish the former Great Britain, and the responsible for our main disaster, to have any share in resolving our issues, being the foster parent to those who are still arrogantly assaulting our people.

We feel sorry for the British people, who are refusing the Israeli occupation, and condemning the Israeli terror and aggression, and are awakening discovering the truth about their successive Governments’ consistence of waging disaster after another on our people, for so many generations, and that their Governments are directly responsible for the “Nakba” (The Holocaust) of the Palestinian people.

Gaza May 17th 2002 Wafa (Palestine News Agency) Political Editor: