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In this 3D illustration, astronauts place the Chinese flag on the surface of the moon. Newly released radiation findings by China’s Chang’e-4 lunar lander could have far-reaching implications for future space missions. Image: Getty
Israeli Apartheid Regime Commits More Abductions, House Demolitions, Shootings, Egyptian Navy Kills 2 Fishermen, Injures their Brother, September 27, 2020 US Will Leave Baghdad Embassy in 90 Days, If Iraq Doesn't Rein in Attacks, September 28, 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic Could Trigger a Million People to Leave their Homes in the African Sahel Region North to Libya and Europe, September 28, 2020 Radiation Levels on the Moon 200 Times Greater than on Earth, China's Chang'e-4 Lunar Lander Finds, September 28, 2020




Palestinians protest in Gaza City against the UAE and Bahraini normalization agreement with Israel, Sept. 15, 2020.   The World Trade Organisation has ruled that some US trade war tariffs are illegal, but the case is likely to become tied up in procedural limbo as the US has blocked the appointment of new judges to the WTO’s Appellate Body. Photo: AFP
Palestinians Condemn UAE-Bahraini Normalization with the Israeli Apartheid, Occupation Regime, as Treason, September 16, 2020 Israeli Occupation Apartheid Regime Air Raids on Gaza, Abduction of Palestinian Civilians and Demolition of their Homes, September 16, 2020 Navalny and Nord Stream 2: Germany Unable to Reach Agreement on Sanctions Against Russia, September 16, 2020 China's WTO Win Over US Offers No Concrete Reward But Beijing Gets Moral High Ground, Experts Say, SCMP, September 16, 2020















































































































































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