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Soldiers of the Israeli Apartheid Occupation Regime Continue to Injure, Abduct, Teargas Palestinians, Demolish their Homes, October 31, 2020 28 Killed in 6,6 Magnigudre Earthquake, in West Coast of Turkey, as French Frigate Closely Follows Turkish Research Vessels in East Med, October 31, 2020 Russia to Intervene if Fighting Reaches Armenia, Azerbaijan Inflicts Heavy Casualties on Armenian Army, Which Used Banned Cluster Munitions, October 31, 2020 Why the Philippines Has No Justifiable Claim to Sabah and Never Had By Bunn Nagara



Harvey J. Alter, Michael Houghton and Charles M. Rice were awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of the hepatitis C virus. Photo: Reuters
Israeli Occupation Apartheid Regime Soldiers Injure Scores of Palestinians, Abduct 12 Policemen and Dozens of Civilians, October 5, 2020 Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi Says: 'The Americans Label Anyone Who Opposes Their Policy as Terrorists,' October 6, 2020 Russia Silent, US Absent, as France Fuels Clashes Between Azerbaijan and Armenia, October 6, 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to 3 Black Hole Researchers, in Medicine to 3 Researchers Who Discovered Hepatitis C, October 6, 2020




















































































































































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