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 Israeli Violations of Palestinain Human Rights Continue Even During the Global Coronavirus Crisis, Besieged Gaza Strip Needs Urgent Healthcare Assistance, March 30, 2020 33,106 Deaths, 693,224 Corona Virus Infections, Most in Italy, Spain, China,  Iran, France, US, and UK, March 31, 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic Could Kill as Many as 200,000 in US, White House Warns, March 31, 2020 Experts Claim that Italy Reached Coronavirus Plateau, Lockdown Measures Still Needed,  and Predict  Defeating the Virus by May 16, March 31, 2020



Palestinian Killed, Dozens Injured, Abducted and Attacked by Israeli Occupation Soldiers and Illegal Settlers, March 24, 2020 Calm in Syria, the UN Urges Cease-Fire to Suppress COVID-19, as Healthcare Facilities Have Been Destroyed or Degraded, March 24, 2020  Iran Confirms 24,811 Cases of Coronavirus Infections and 1,934 Deaths, as 41 Millions Screened, March 24, 2020 7 Somali Soldiers, 15 Al-Shabab Fighters Killed in Attacts and US Air Strikes, March 24, 2020
Frightening Consequences for Palestinians, if COVID-19 Spreads in Blockaded Gaza Strip and in Crowded Israeli Occupation Government Prisons, March 29, 2020 Global and US Stocks Rally on Hopes of an Agreement on a Coronavirus $2 Trillion Rescue Bill Is Close, March 24, 2020 Cuba, Russia, and China Send Assistance to Italy, Against the Coronavirus Crisis, March 24, 2020 Trump Calls for Re-Opening the US Economy by April 12, 2020, to Avoid a Major Recession or Depression, March 24, 2020




Israeli Occupation Soldiers Kill a Palestinian Teenager, Injure and Abduct Scores Others, Demolish Homes, March 15, 2020 586,100 Persons Killed, 2 Millions Injured, 12 Millions Displaced in 9 Years of the Syrian War, March 16, 2020 US Forces Retaliate After Fresh Rocket Attacks TargetING an Iraqi-US Base, North of Baghdad, March 16, 2020 3 Somalis Killed by IED, Shabab Attack Security Forces in Bosaso, Kenyann Fighter Jets Fly Over Jubaland, March 16, 2020
China Vows to Stem Coronavirus Cross-Border Spread, Expedite Manufacturing Resumption, March 16, 2020 Dow Plunges 2,997 Points for Biggest One-Day Drop ever, Despite Efforts to Soothe US Coronavirus Worries, March 16, 2020 349 Italians Die of Coronavirus in One Day, with a Total of 2,158 Deaths, 27,000 Infections, a Total Lockdown of the Country, March 16, 2020 853 Iranian Coronavirus Deaths and 14,991 Infections, President Rouhani Asks People to Stay Home to Prevent Spread of the Epidemic, March 16, 2020






Israeli Occupation Apartheid Regime Continues Violations of Palestinian Human Rights, with More Abductions, Attacks, Raids, and Gaza Siege, March 10, 2020 2 Million Syrians Displaced, 815 killed in Idlib, Regime Forces Shell Turkish Troops, US-Backed SDF Storms Dair Ez-Zoar Towns, March 10, 2020 2 US Marines, 28 Iraqis Killed in Attacks, 3 Protesters Killed, 44 Injured, March 10, 2020 Saudi Forces Raid on 3 Yemeni Provinces, UN Envoy Calls for Immediate Halt to Fighting, March 10, 2020
WHO Declares Covid-19 a Global Pandemic, as it Spread to 114 Countries, March 11, 2020 Chinese President, Xi Jinping, Visits Wuhan, Says the Spread of Covid-19 Has Been Curbed, March 11, 2020 US Troops Begin Withdrawal from Afghanistan, Ghani Signs a Decree to Release Taliban Prisoners, March 11, 2020 9 Shabab Fighters Killed in US Drone Strikes, Reprots of Civilian Casualties, Clerics Call for Withdrawal of Kenyan Troops from Somalia, March 11, 2020



































































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