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Israeli Apartheid Regime Continues Killing, Injuring, Abduction of Palestinians and Demolishing their Homes, June 27, 2020 Coronavirus Surge in the US South and West Looks Different From the North, June 27, 2020 Reopening Reverses Course in Texas and Florida as Coronavirus Cases Spike, June 27, 2020 5 US States Reported their Highest Number of Coronavirus Cases in One Day, June 27, 2020
501,262 Deaths and 10,080,224 Corona Virus Infections, Mostly in the US, Brazil, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Mexico, and India, June 27, 2020 China Warns that Purchases of US Farm Goods and other Imports Could be Jeopardized if US Continues to Interfere in its Internal Affairs, June 27, 2020. US Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, Reassures NATO Allies of Consultation  on any Future Troop Movements, June 27, 2020 Dow Closes Down 730 Points as Coronavirus Cases Surge, What a Second Round Would Mean for the Stock Market, June 27, 2020





Israeli Violations of Palestinian Human Rights Continue, as the World Passively Waiting for the Annexation Announcement, June 19, 2020 US and Russian Soldiers Engage in Hand-to-Hand Fight in the Syrian City of Al-Qahtaniyah, June 19, 2020 Yemen's Coronavirus 25% Fatality Rate, the Highest in the World, Including 27 Professors in Aden University, June 19, 2020 US-Russian Rivalry, Turkish, Italian, Gulf, Egyptian Interventions Intensify in Libya, June 19, 2020
461,504 Deaths and 8,734,972 Corona Virus Infections, Mostly in the US, Brazil, UK, Italy, France, Spain, and Msexico, June 19, 2020 The Limits of Altruism: A Global Scramble for the Coming Coronavirus Vaccine, June 19, 2020 China-US Tensions Could Be Worse than the Cold War, US Aims for Space Superiority, June 19, 2020 As US Troops Are Reduced to 8,600, in Line with Taliban Deal, 17 Military Personnel Are Killed in Northern Afghanistan, June 20, 2020




Israeli Occupation Regime Soldiers and Settlers Continue Human Rights Violations, Abductions of Palestinians, and Demolishing their Property, June 5, 2020 New Wave of Refugees, Following Resumption of Russian Air Strikes and Syrian Regime Forces' Bombarment on Idlib, June 5, 2020 Clashes Between Iraqi Protesters and Security Forces, Arsons Targeting Factories Continue to Weaken the National Economy, June 5, 2020 16 Taliban Fighters Killed in US Air Strikes, 21 Afghan Government Policemen and Militiamen Killed in Attacks, June 6, 2020
George Floyd Protests Continue in the US, Trump and DC Mayor Clash Over Control of City Streets, June 5, 2020 389,099 Deaths, 6,625,675 Corona Virus Infections, Mostly in the US, UK, Italy, Brazil, France, Spain, and Msexico, June 4, 2020 Angela Merkel and the European Union Trapped Between China and the US, June 4, 2020 China-South Korea Ties Face a Testing Time After Seoul Acceptance of Donald Trump's G7 Invitation, June 5, 2020





















































































































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