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Store owner Mohammad Hanawi: "My entire family is here, and we’ve already built something up.”
Israeli Occupation Apartheid Regime Forces Continue to Shoot at, Abduct Palestinians, and Demolish their Homes, July 25, 2020 647,353 Deaths and 16,171,112 Corona Virus Infections, Mostly in the US, Brazil, UK, Mexico, Italy, India, France, Spain, Peru, Iran, and Russia, July 25, 2020 Five Years After Refugee Wave, How Syrians Are Reshaping German Society, July 25, 2020 German E-Cars,The Race to Beat Tesla at Its Own Game, July 25, 2020




Israeli Occupation Apartheid Regime Continues Abduction of Palestinians, Demolition of their Homes, Building Exclusive Roads for Illegal Settlers, July 9, 2020  553,973 Deaths and 12,250,172 Corona Virus Infections, Mostly in the US, Brazil, UK, Italy, Mexico, France, Spain, and India, July 9, 2020 China-India Border Dispute May Force South Asian Neighbors to Pick a Side, July 9, 2020 COVID-19 and blood type: What's the link? July 9, 2020
































































































































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