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50 Former European Prime and Foreign Ministers Condemn Trump's Plan as Apartheid in Occupied Palestine, February 27, 2020 78 Persons Killed in Syria, Including 37 Regime Soldiers and Loyalists, Mostly by Russian Air Strikes and Turkish Bombardment, February 26, 2020 11 Somali Al-Shabaab Members Killed, Including a Commander, 4 Injured in US Drone Attacks, on February 20-23, 2020 Deadly Bomb Blast Rocks Kabul, as a US-Taliban Peace Deal to Be Signed on February 29, 2020





The Israeli Occupation, Apartheid Regime on Rampage of Killing, Injuring, Abducting, Blockading, and Repressing the Palestinian People, February 26, 2020 19 Palestinians in Gaza Lose One Eye Each, 2 Lose Both Eyes, by Israeli Occupation Soldiers from Across the Bodrer, February 26, 2020 An Israeli War Crime Caught on Video: A Palestinian Killed, then Dragged, Repeatedly, Lifted Up in the Air, and Dropped Down in the Mud, February 26, 2020 Bernie Sanders Calls Netanyahu Reactionary Racist, Will Consider Moving Embassy Back to Tel Aviv, and Points to Palestinian Suffering, February 26, 2020



Germany and the Czech Republic Try to Help Israeli War Criminals by Blocking the ICC Jurisdiction over the Israeli War Crimes, February 17, 2020 34 Syrian Regime Soldiers and Loyalists, 29 Members of the Opposition Killed, Turkish Forces and Loyalists Shell Raqqah and Hasakah Countryside, February 17, 2020 32 Yemeni Civilians Killed in Al-Jawf by a Saudi Air Strike, Retaliating to Downing of a Warplane, February 17, 2020 US-Taliban Agree on a Seven-Day Reduction in Violence, Before Signing a  Peace Deal, Endig 18 Years of War, February 17, 2020




2 Palestinians Killed, Scores Injured, Scores Abducted by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, February 10, 2020 Syrian Regime and Russians Forces Escalate Air and Ground Bombardment on Aleppo and Idlib, New Turkish Military Reinforcement to Syria, February 11, 2020 Snow in Baghdad, About 700 Iraqi Protesters Killed, About 25,000 in Four Months, February 12, 2020 2 US Soldiers and 6 Afghanis Killed, 12 US Soldiers and 6 Afghanis Injured in Two Attacks, on February 8 and 11, 2020
95% of Palestinians Reject the the Trump-Netanyahu So-Called Deal of the Century, President 'Abbas Rejects it Officially at the UNSC, February 11, 2020 Chinese Coronavirus Deaths Reach 1,115, and 44,653 Infected Patients, Disease May Spread Faster than SARS, February 12, 2020 US Sanctions Venezuelan State Airline, Threatens Russian Oil Giant, February 12, 2020 16 Rohingya Muslims Drowned After an Overcrowded Refugee Boat Sinks Off Coast of Bangladesh, February 12, 2020





















































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