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Israeli Occupation Apartheid Regime  Continues Abduction of Palestinians, Siezes Tax Funds to the Palestinian Authority, April 30, 2020 52 Syrians Killed, 50 Seriously Injured in a Fuel Tank Explosion in Afrin, 7 Killed in Israeli Missile Attack on a Damascus Outskirt, April 30, 2020 Southern Yemen Transitional Council Confirms Not to Retract Autonomy in Aden, April 30, 2020 Flash Floods in the Somalian Agricultural Town of Bardhere Displaces Families and Destroys Farmlands, April 30, 2020




Netanyahu-Gantz Apartheid, Racist, Occupation Regime Announces Israeli Annexation of Palestinian West Bank Major Parts by July, April 22, 2020 185,166 Deaths, 2,656,627 Corona Virus Infections, Mostly in the US, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Belgium, Iran, Germany, China, and the Netherlands, April 23, 2020 Fauci Says there Will Be Coronavirus in the Fall, 88 % of Patients on Ventilators didn't Make it In New York's Largest Hospital System, April 22, 2020 Georgia Mosques to Remain Closed During Ramadhan, Despite Governor Kemp's Latest Order, Following Advice of Health Officials, April 22, 2020




Israeli Apartheid Regime Neglicts the Spread of Coronavirus Among Palestinians in Occupation Prisons and in East Jerusalem, April 17, 2020 147,512 Deaths, 2,197,174 Corona Virus Infections, Mostly in the US, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Belgium, and Iran, April 6, 2020 Resumption of Public Life in Germany: Scientific Experts Release Proposals for Loosening the Lockdown, Der Spiegel, April 17, 2020 Coronavirus, Inside China's 'Wild West', Where Mask Machines Are Like Cash Printers, SCMP, April 17, 2020




 Israeli Occupation Soldiers Continue Violations of Palestinian Human Rights with More Shootings, Abductions, and Settler Violations, April 13, 2020 Coronavirus Shows a New Dimension of the World North-South Divide, as Most Infections and Deaths Are North, April 11, 2020 89,426 Deaths, 1,529,968 Corona Virus Infections, Mostly in Italy, Spain, US, France, UK, and Iran, April 9, 2020 14,797 Coronavirus Deaths, 436,160  Infection Cases in the US, Mostly in New York, as of April 8, 2020




Palestinian Governor of Jerusalem, Cabinet Member Among Abductees, 200 Children Detained in Israeli Occupation Prisons, April 6, 2020 France Records 833 Deaths, the highest Virus Daily Toll, But Spain's Deaths Fall Further to 637, on April 6, 2020 74,697 Deaths, 1,346,566 Corona Virus Infections, Mostly in Italy, Spain, US,  France, UK, and Iran, April 6, 2020 With 600 Coronavirus Deaths, New York Leaders Are Hopeful the Crisis Is Peaking and Flattening, April 6, 2020





















































































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