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Virgin Galactic Space Ship Crashes California's Mojave Desert, After Separation from the Carrier Jet Airplane, October 31, 2014

NASA Contractor Orbital Antares Rocket, Heading to International Space Station, Explodes Just After Launch on October 28, 2014

Margot Wallstrom Announces Sweden's Recognition of Palestinian State, Abbas Welcomes it, US-Israel Unhappy, October 30, 2014

So-Called Israeli Parliament Debates Deportation of its Palestinian Member, Hanin Al-Zo'abi, for her Criticism of the Zionist Occupation Regime, October 30, 2014

Israeli Occupation Soldiers Close Al-Aqsa Mosque, Assassinate Mu'ataz Hijazi for Attempting to Assassinate Extremist Rabbi Yehuda Glick, October 30, 2014


Successful Tunisian Transition from the Revolution to State Stability Through Elections, Secular Nidaa Tunis Bloc Wins More Seats Than Islamist Al-Nahda Movement, October 28, 2014


Another Story of Bullying and Guns, Jaylen Fryberg Kills a Classmate, himself, Injures Four Students Critically at Marysville Pilchuck High School, Washington


Attacker of the Canadian Parliament Was Drug Addict, Homeless, and Criminal, Not a Jihadist


Sunlight Helps Prevent Diabetes and Obesity, According to a Study by Shelley Gorman and Prue Hart


521 Syrians and Iraqis Killed in US-Led Air Strikes on Ayn Al-Arab, Kobani, Canadian Police State Increases Spying on Muslims After a Dubious Attack, October 23, 2014


US Air Strikes on Islamic State Fighters, Weapons for Kurds, Turkey Allows Kurdish Fighters to Cross Border to Syria, October 21, 2014


High Unemployment Among African-Americans Behind St Louis Protests, October 15, 2014


Kerry Seeks Ways to Block Palestinian UN Bid, Netanyahu Tries to Persuade Ki-moon to Halt International Investigation on Gaza, October 15, 2014


Putin Says Rift Between Russia and Western Nuclear Powers Threatens Strategic Stability, Sanctions Are Illegitimate and Counterproductive, October 15, 2014


Saudi Arabia to lower Oil Prices, Slowing Down US Shale Oil Production, October 15, 2014


US-Led Air Strikes Intensify Against Islamic State Fighters, Syria Conflict Destabilizes Turkey, October 12, 2014 


How Islamic State Fighters Captured Mosul, According to the Official Iraqi Government Story, October 14, 2014

Evidence Accumulating on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza, the Hannibal Directive

Islamic State Fighters Advance in Kobani Despite US Air Strikes, October 11, 2014


42 Yeminis Killed in Suicide Bombing Against Huthis in Sana'a, October 9, 2014


Islamic State Seizes Large Areas of Syrian Town of Kobani, despite US Air Strikes, October 9, 2014


Israeli Occupation Soldiers Attack Palestinians at Al-Aqsa Mosque, Kidnap Eleven, Open Fire on Gaza Fishing Boats, Raze Homes in Wadi Nais, October 8, 2014


Kurds Say Air Strikes Push Islamic State F Back from Syrian City of Kobani, October 7, 201


Muslim Pilgrims Reach Climax of Haj By Standing On Arafat, a Day Before Eidul Adha, 9 Dhul Hijja, 1435





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