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March 28, 2014


Israeli Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians from Jerusalem Intensifies Together With More Violations of Human Rights, Mach 28, 2014


Prince Muqrin Bin Abdulaziz Named Second-in-Line to Succeed King Abdullah, March 27, 2014


Qatar Buys Helicopters, Missiles in $23 Billion Arms Deals, March 27, 2014


UAE Gives Egyptian Army $40 Billion for Building One Million Apartments, Strengthening its Power Over the Country, March 27, 2014


Sisi Resigns as Defense Minister to Run in Egyptian Presidential Election, March 28, 2014


Egyptian Court Sentences to Death 528 Supporters of Ousted President Muhammed Morsi, March 24, 2014


March 22, 2014


17 Arrested, 27 Injured in Madrid Clashes After Massive March Against Austerity, March 22, 2014


3 Palestinians Killed, Scores Injured by Israeli Occupation Soldiers, in Jenin and Other Palestinian Cities, March 22, 2014


57 Iraqis Killed, Scores Injured in Attacks, March 21-22, 2014


One-Day Mass Trial of 545 Egyptian Members of Muslim Brotherhood, Judge Gives Lawyers 24 Hours to Submit their Written Defense, March 22, 2014


Putin Signs Into Law Crimea Accession, Tones Down Retaliations Against United States


Syrian Forces and Rebels Battle for Border Post of Kasar, Near Turkish Mediterranean Border, March 22, 2014


US Navy Hands Over Oil Tanker to Libyan Government After Being Loaded in Rebel-Held Port, March 22, 2014 


March 16, 2014


Crimeans Vote on Union With Russia as Troops Build up Rapidly, March 16, 2014


Police Hunt for Motive as Search for Malaysian Jet Spans Hemispheres, March 16, 2014


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Proposes Dialogue With US to Restore Diplomatic Ties


Syrian Forces Fully Control Rebel Stronghold of Yabroud Near Lebanon, March 16, 2014


12 Lebanese Killed in Tripoli in Two Days of Syria-Fueled  Fighting, March 15-16, 2014


Scores Killed and Scores Injured in Iraq Attacks, March 14-16, 2014


Israel Supplies Gaza With Qatari-Funded Fuel, as Egypt Continue Closing Rafah Crossing, March 16, 2014


Egyptian Militants Outwit Army in Sinai Battlefield, March 16, 2014


March 10, 2014


Russia Sees U.S. Proposals on Ukraine Questionable, Drafts its Own Peaceful Settlement Proposal, March 10, 2014


International Search Efforts Intensify to Locate Missing   Malaysian Airline Plane, No Evidence of Attack, March 10, 2014


Egyptian Government Denies Entry of International Women Solidarity Delegation to Gaza, Deports them from Cairo Airport, March 8, 2014


2,081 Palestinians Killed Until Last February in Syria, an Action Group Report, March 10, 201


Palestinian Killed, Several Mistreated, Kidnapped by Israeli Occupation Forces, Illegal Israeli Settlers Seize More Palestinian Lands, March 10, 2014  


March 6, 2014


Qatar Regrets Envoys' Recall by Three GCC States But Will Not Bow to Pressure to Alter Foreign Policy


Crimean Parliament Votes to Join Russia, Holds Referendum in 10 Days on Ratifying, March 6, 2014


Jordan, Egypt, Iraq to Implement Major Gas, Oil Pipeline Projects, March 6, 2014  


Russian Forces Enter Republic of Crimea, Obama Calls Putin for 90 Minutes, NATO Angry, March 2, 2014


20 Belgian human rights organizations start campaign to boycott illegal Israeli settlement goods


Gaza Siege: Rafah Terminal Continues for 23 Days Casting Shadow on Arrival of Female Solidarity Delegation, March 2, 2014





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