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June 30, 2014


ISIS Declares Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, Fighting Intensifies in Tikrit, June 30, 2014


Re-Institution of Islamic Caliphate Is a Necessary Condition for Muslim Salvation By Khalid Amayreh


Russian TV Cameraman Killed, Lugansk Residents Hide in Soviet Bunkers from Kiev Troop Shelling, Far Right Rally Calls for War, June 30, 2014 


June 28, 2014


2 Palestinians Assassinated, Several Injured in Israeli Air Strike on Gaza, More Violations, Detentions, Interrogations in the West Bank, June 28, 2014


As Shi'is Gear Up to Fight Sunnis in Iraq, Israel's FM Lieberman Tells Kerry It's Time for Kurdistan to Declare Independence, June 28, 2014


Boroday and Poroshenko Agree to Extend Ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine Until Monday, June 28, 2014


June 25 2014


529 Palestinians Kidnapped by Israeli Occupation Forces in Ten Days, June 24, 2015


71 Iraqi Civilians Killed, 144 Injured in Syrian Air Strikes on Sunni Cities of Rutba, Qa'im, Talafar, June 24, 2014


Syrian Civil War Spills Over to Lebanon by More Suicide Bombings, More Torture of  Palestinians to Death in Syrian Prisons, June 24, 2014


June 22, 2014


4 Palestinians Killed, Hundreds Kidnapped, Air Strikes on Gaza By Israeli Occupation Forces, June 22, 2014


Iran Rejects US Renewed Intervention in Iraq, World Powers Deadlocked, Growing Threat of Civil War, June 22, 2014


Poroshenko Warns of Detailed Plan B If Ukraine Ceasefire Fails, Gets Limited Support from Putin, June 22, 2014 


June 20, 2014


300 Palestinian Civilians, Hamas Leaders, and Recently-Released Prisoners Rounded up in Israeli Mass Abduction Campaign, June 20, 2014


Palestinians Steadfast as Israel Steps up Terror Campaign in West Bank


34 Syrians Killed, 50 Injured in Hama Car Bombing, June 20, 2014


Iraqi Forces Ready to Strike Back, Obama Offers Military Advisers in Support, June 20, 2014


June 17, 2014


Israeli Large-Scale Kidnapping Campaign Against Palestinians in the West Bank, Including Members of Parliament, June 16-17, 2014


US Considers Air Strikes on Iraq, Holds Talks with Iran, June 17, 2014


Russia-Ukraine Ties Chillier Over Gas Cutoff, 2 Russian Journalists Killed in Ukraine Military Shelling, June 17, 2014


June 12, 2014


Obama warns of US action as ISIL fighters push on Baghdad, June 12, 2014


UN Official Says No Immediate Baghdad Threat, US Contractors in Iraq Relocated, June 12, 2014


Asia stocks fall, oil up on escalating Iraq war, June 12, 2014


June 11, 2014


Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi Inaugurated as President of Egypt, a Year After Overthrowing Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, June 8, 2014


Bashar Al-Assad Elected President of Syria for a Third Seven-Year Term, June 4, 2014


Petro Poroshenko Sworn in as Ukraine's After Coup President, June 7, 2014


June 7, 2014


Netanyahu Announces Disengagement Plan from the West Bank, International Calls on Israel to Try or Release Palestinian Detainees, June 7, 2014


King Abudullah of Saudi Arabia Announces Support for Egypt's New President, Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, Attacks Muslim Brotherhood, June 7, 2014


June 5, 2014


67th Anniversary of 1967 Israeli War of Aggression, Global March to Jerusalem, Illegal Israeli Settlers and Soldiers Desecrate Al-Aqsa Mosque, June 5, 2014


80 Iraqis Killed in Government Forces Attack on City of Samarra, June 5, 2014


Amid Fighting in Benghazi, Libyan Supreme Court Rules Against Election of Mi'aitiq, Leaves Prime Minister Thinni in Office, June 5, 2014


6th China-Arab States Cooperation Forum Concludes in Beijing, with 10-Year Development Plan, June 5, 2014






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