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Erdogan's Resilience and Turkiye's Political Landscape

By Mehmet Celik

Daily Sabah, Day 30, 2023 

An Erdogan election banner in Istanbul, Turkiye, on May 26, 2023 daily sabah  


Türkiye has navigated a tumultuous epoch, grappling with the ravages of a global pandemic, energy crises, economic recession and cataclysmic earthquakes. Despite these daunting challenges, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan emerged triumphant in the recent runoff elections, securing yet another term by vanquishing the opposition Nation Alliance. Let's delve into the reasons underpinning Erdoğan's perennial triumphs, shedding illuminating insights on his transformative sway over the nation and his remarkable ability to strike a harmonious chord with the electorate.

Erdoğan's ascendancy rests on the bedrock of his transformative leadership, highlighted by his resounding victory over his opponent, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. Over the past two decades, Erdoğan has spearheaded a panoply of far-reaching initiatives that span infrastructural development, social reform, and a burgeoning defense industry. In tandem, he has burnished Türkiye's standing as a consequential player in the global theater of transport and energy, while adroitly navigating the treacherous waters of international crises, thereby cementing Türkiye's stature as an influential game-changer on regional and international stages.

Amid an array of daunting challenges, Erdoğan's mettle has shone forth, as he has tenaciously confronted economic perils, security quagmires, defense sanctions, and even the failed coup attempt by the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) on July 15, 2016. The Turkish electorate, acutely cognizant of his unflinching commitment to national interests, perceives in him a resolute guardian of Turkish sovereignty, unyielding in the face of formidable adversaries. Erdoğan's unwavering emphasis on security imperatives, whether in northern Syria, Libya, the Eastern Mediterranean, or the South Caucasus, resonates deeply with voters for whom the preservation of their nation's integrity stands paramount.

Economy, security: Dual concerns of voters

While the economy retains its rightful place in the consciousness of voters, the recent electoral contest illuminated the inextricable link between economic well-being and national security. Erdoğan's appeal to the electorate lies in their conviction that he possesses unparalleled dexterity in adroitly addressing both concerns. His remarkable track record in delivering tangible dividends, whether in the realms of economics, social development or diplomatic prowess, has engendered unwavering confidence among voters. The unwavering trust of earthquake victims in Erdoğan's ability to resurrect their shattered communities stands testament to the profound esteem in which he is held.

Perplexingly, despite Erdoğan's consistent triumphs in free and democratic elections, Western pundits, ensnared by the opposition's narrative, vehemently critique him on multifarious fronts. Hence, it becomes an exigency to scrutinize why the opposition recurrently fails to earn the trust of voters, while Erdoğan's electoral dominance remains unassailable. Shouldn't the opposition undergo a transformative metamorphosis and reassess its leadership? The sacrosanct principles of democratic processes ought to extend to both the ruling party and the opposition, thereby inciting introspection into the shortcomings bedeviling the latter.

Genuine connection crucial

A sine qua non for Erdoğan's enduring success lies in the authentic and profound bond he has forged with the electorate, a vital element that eludes the opposition. The opposition's failure to cultivate genuine relations and grasp the core values of the electorate has hampered its resonance with the populace. Unless the opposition acknowledges the imperative of establishing bona fide connections and undertakes proactive measures to bridge this chasm, the specter of electoral defeats shall haunt them incessantly.

Türkiye's political landscape continues to be indelibly etched by Erdoğan's dauntless leadership, which has withstood formidable trials and won electoral trust. Erdoğan's transformative imprint on the nation, buttressed by his unwavering commitment to tackling security concerns head-on, situates him as the preferred choice for voters. As the opposition endeavors to recapture lost ground, it must embark upon an introspective journey, one that prioritizes authentic connections with voters and embraces the indispensable transformations essential to regaining their trust. Only then may they dare to surmount the tide of electoral defeats and emerge as a potent challenger to Erdoğan's enduring political hegemony.

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