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Tomorrow's Battlefield:

US Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa

 a New Book By Nick Turse

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, May 18, 2015



US Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa

Nick Turse


You won’t see segments about it on the nightly news or read about it on the front page of America’s newspapers, but the Pentagon is fighting a new shadow war in Africa, helping to destabilize whole countries and preparing the ground for future blowback. Behind closed doors, U.S. officers now claim that “Africa is the battlefield of tomorrow, today."

Tomorrow’s Battlefield, award-winning journalist and bestselling author Nick Turse exposes the shocking true story of the U.S. military’s spreading secret wars in Africa.





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"Gripping and meticulous, Nick Turse’s reporting on Africa sheds much-needed light on shadowy missions the U.S. military would rather keep secret. 


"Nick Turse’s investigative reporting has revealed a remarkable picture of evolving US military operations in Africa that have been concealed from view, but have ominous portent, as he demonstrates vividly and in depth.”



"A dogged and intrepid journalist who won't take 'no comment' for an answer, Nick Turse has done a fantastic job of exposing the U.S. military's expansion into Africa and the proliferation of its secret missions on the continent."

—CRAIG WHITLOCK, Pentagon Correspondent, Washington Post

"The indispensable Nick Turse introduces us to the rapidly expanding American military footprint in Africa. It is astounding how few other journalists have paid attention to this highly important story."

—ADAM HOCHSCHILD, author, King Leopold's Ghost


NICK TURSE an award-winning journalist and historian, is the author/editor of several books including Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam and The Changing Face of Empire: Special Ops, Drones, Spies, Proxy Fighters, Secret Bases, and Cyberwarfare, is the managing editor of, and a fellow at the Nation Institute.



Released May 19, 2015 | Trade Paper $15.95 | ISBN: 9781608464630






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