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Two Videos Addressing Detractors and Jewishness

By Gilad Atzmon

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, February 9 2015

Gilad Express - A Brief Presentation At The Free Speech Forum Nottingham (video) 

Followed by a 10 minute synopsis of my entire argument as delivered in Nottingham earlier this week.

On Monday February 2nd, I returned to Nottingham to answer critics who accused me of all sort of things…

First, I went to Five Leaves Bookshop to confront my defamer Ross Bradshaw who led the campaign against me in Gedling ten days ago.  Bradshaw gave rather feeble and defensive responses. I’ll soon publish a video of this discussion.

That night I presented my thoughts and addressed the accusations made against me.  The event was filmed and the video is posted below.  My opponents had been invited to join the event and debate me but they failed to show up. 

My great thanks to Ross Longhurst who runs the Nottingham Free Speech Forum and was extremely helpful and supportive throughout this fiasco. I also thank all those people who refused to be intimidated by my 13 detractors.


Gilad Express - my entire arguments in just 10 minutes:




Addressing my detractors:


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