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Palestinians Want to Know Who Killed Yasser Arafat

By Khalid Amayreh

in occupied Palestine

PIC, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, July 9, 2012


Thanks to the thorough and highly professional investigation by al-Jazzera network, which lasted several months, it is now established what killed the late Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat. According to the meticulously-researched documentary, Arafat was poisoned to death, using the deadly chemical agent, known as polonium-210.

When taken into the body via inhalation or ingestion, the radio active substance can enter the blood stream, releasing alpha particles that can impact organs and vital tissue directly.

The polonium-210 dose that will kill 50% of persons who internalize it is about 100,000th of a milligram, one-million times more toxic than cyanide.

It is widely believed that only three countries possess the highly deadly substance, including the United States, Russia and Israel.

Israel, whose leaders never hid their desire to murder Arafat, has denied involvement in the murder.

Israeli officials struggled to distance the Jewish state from the murder, resorting to red-herring arguments and raising doubts about the credibility of the latest findings, reached by the one of the most advanced medical labs in the world.

However, Israel lies as often as it breathes, and its denials should hold no weight whatsoever for all those seeking the truth surrounding Arafat's death.

In the final analysis, Israel murdered thousands and denied any responsibility for the murder. Thanks to the diabolical nature of Zionism, along with the extremely advanced methods of death in the possession of the Jewish state, Israel has produced some of the most professional murderers and assassins in the history of human beings.

Needless to say, some of these methods are extremely sophisticated and leave no traces as to the causes of death. The botched attempt to assassinate Khaled Misha'al, the head of Hamas' politburo in Amman in 1997 is just one example of many of Israel's criminality and nefarious behaviors.

Most Palestinians, of course, have no doubt that Israel is the ultimate murderer of the late Palestinian leader. Nothing under the sun would exonerate the criminal Zionist regime of this crime.

None the less, it is not enough to know what killed Arafat, we need to know who killed Abu Ammar. We want to know how the Mossad was able to reach the late Palestinian leader. And in order to find satisfactory answers, we need to ask all sorts of questions, some which might be embarrassing to some Palestinian leaders.

We need to know all the people who were involved in delivering medicine and food to the elected president. We need to know the smallest details about those who liaised with the Israelis in matters pertaining to Arafat. We also need to know every possible person who came into contact with Arafat in the last month of his life. A credible commission of enquiry would have to grill everyone in the high echelon of the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, especially those who frequented his office, those who delivered food and medicine to him as well as those who took care for his clothes and laundry.

Yes, there is no guarantee that the ultimate villain or villains will be apprehended. But this doesn't mean that we should give up and let the matter go into oblivion.

This is why the Palestinian Authority (PA), the Arab League and the Islamic Cooperation Organization should insist that the United Nations Security Council appoint a credible commission of enquiry with wide-ranging powers, including interrogating suspects, regardless of their nationalities and positions.

This is what the UN Security Council did to investigate the murder of the former Lebanese Minister Rafik Hareeri several years ago, and there is no reason why a similar investigation and similar commission of inquiry can't be ordered to look into this equally abhorrent murder.

Yasser Arafat may not have been the most saintly person under the sun. However, letting the matter of his death go into oblivion or vanish into uncertainty, would only perpetuate the unethical world order where one life is sacred whereas another is expendable and has no sanctity.

Once again, like most Palestinians and other honest people around the world, this writer has no doubts whatsoever as to Israel's responsibility for the murder of Arafat.

Ascertaining this conviction scientifically and objectively may not really reveal dramatic facts.

Moreover, it probably wouldn't lead to the prosecution and punishment of the killer or killers, especially Israeli Jewish killers.

After all, Israel is too immune and too rebellious an entity to allow justice to be done. After all, Israel itself is a crime against humanity whose very existence is a serious affront to human morality and decency.

But exposing Israeli criminality wouldn't be a bad thing. We are supposed to be living in a moral universe, where right is right and wrong is wrong.

Hence, we must not allow a deviant, nefarious and unethical entity to corrupt our world as the exuding evil could put the very survival of humanity at stake.





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