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5 Somalis Killed in Attacks, Millions Face Drought Starvation

May 20, 2019

Millions face starvation in drought-hit Somalia, May 19, 2019 A Mogadishu street view, May 18, 2019


The following news stories are from the Somali website, (


No casualties as Car bomb hits Somali capital

May 20, 2019 310 0 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter

A car bomb exploded in the Somali capital Mogadishu on Sunday evening, police and witnesses said.

The explosion of the explosive-laden vehicle occurred near El-Gabta junction in Mogadishu’s Hamarweyne district, a police officer, who demanded anonymity said.

“So far we know that the car was parked near El-Gabta junction. We will establish more details on the incident,” the officer said.

Liban Farah, a local resident, told the media that he heard a huge blast in Hamarweyne district but did not know if there were casualties.

The blast Sunday came at a time when Mogadishu is on high alert as police forces blocked the main roads of the capital to prevent possible attacks by militants.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the latest bombing but al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab conducted similar attacks in the past.

Millions face starvation in drought-hit Somalia

May 19, 2019 297 0 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter

A raging drought in Somalia could leave some 2.2 million people — nearly 18 percent of the country’s population — in severe hunger during the July-September period.

The warning came through a special FAO alert on Somalia, indicating that the number of hungry people in the Horn of Africa nation is this year expected to be 40 percent higher than the estimates made at the beginning of the year.

“Rains in April and early May can make or break Somalis’ food security for the whole year as they are crucial for the country’s main annual harvest in July, following the Gu rainy season,” said Mario Zappacosta, FAO senior economist and lead of the Global Information and Early Warning System.

The agency also raised concerns of acute malnutrition as well as the number of acutely malnourished children being admitted to therapeutic feeding centers since the beginning of the year

The worrying number of animals in very poor health conditions due to low body weight and drought-induced diseases is also a red flag for the agency.

“Herders in the worst drought-affected areas such as central Galgaduud and in northern Bari and Sanaag regions have been forced to slaughter the offspring of their goats and sheep as they don’t have enough fodder and water for all their animals, and try to save the milk-producing female livestock,” said FAO Somalia representative Serge Tissot

The projection is based on data gathered by FAO experts — including sophisticated analyses of rainfall, temperatures, water availability and vegetation health — that point to the worst drought in years.

MP calls for Kenyan troops pullout from Somalia

May 19, 2019 365 0 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter

A member of the Somali parliament has called for the pull-out of all Kenyan soldiers from the country, accusing the KDF of vandalizing telecommunications masts on the border.

Dahir Amin Jesow, an outspoken lawmaker said Kenyan forces are helping Safaricom in the trade battle with Somalia’s telecom companies providing phone services in border areas.

The call comes as Somalia’s leading service provider, Hormud says a $1.9 million loss caused by the vandalism allegedly carried out by Kenya.

KDF was blamed for destroying Satellite dishes in Khadijo-Haji village near Bula Hawa town, telecommunication mast in Bardhere district, mast in Elbade town in Gedo, satellite dishes in Elwak, mast, and engine in Dhobley, and masts near Qoqani town.

One killed, six hurt in Somalia IED blast

May 18, 2019 516 0 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter

At least one has been killed and six others sustained injuries landmine explosion in Southwest Somalia.

According to sources the landmine suspected to have on the side has hit military in Bardale town just 25km away Baidoa town.

The blast killed a local councilor and Injured six other people including a military commander.

The slain official was identified as Falar Liban Nur who was a member of Bardale town council.

No group has yet claimed the responsibility for the attack.

Renewed tribal clashes in Mandera leaves three dead

May 18, 2019 312 0 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter

At least Three people were killed and several others were wounded following renewed tribal clashes in Banisa sub-county of Mandera on Friday.

The clashes that occurred between pastoralists as a result of pasture and water was later defused by government officials led Mandera Governor, Ali Roba.

Officials from both county and national government concluded two days’ peacemaking mission in Banisa.

Mandera Governor, Ali Roba, his deputy, Mr. Arai, Mandera North MP, Bashir Abdullahi and his Banisa counterpart, Kullow Maalim Hassan engaged the elders and residents of Malkamari, Choqoro, and Banisa town to prevent the spillover of the conflict from the Ethiopian border.

One person was arrested in connection to the skirmishes between Degodia and Garre tribes during the visit by the leaders.

Pastoralist leaving along Kenya-Ethiopia border in Mandera county clashed over pasture and water for their animals mainly during the dry seasons where there is a scarcity of water and grass.

Somali police killed a gunman after shooting injured a soldier

May 16, 2019 568 0 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter

Somali security forces have today killed suspected al-Shabaab member in Somali capital city, Mogadishu.

The slain suspect and another man had allegedly tried to kill a government soldier.

According to witnesses, the two men riding motorbike opened fire at the soldier at Bakara junction in the capital.

The soldier was said to have sustained injuries and rushed to the hospital.

The security forces responded to the incident by firing back at suspected assailants.

The fire exchange resulted in the death of one of the attacker, according to the security officials.

Other suspects reportedly escaped from the scene.

The security forces launched an operation to hunt down the other suspect in the suburbs of Howl-wadag district.

Al-Shabaab lost control of Somali capital in 2011 following a major offensive by Somali forces backed by African Union Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

The group still carries out assassinations and bomb attacks in Mogadishu.


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