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6 Yemenis Killed, Several Injured in Attacks, One Mother and Six Newborns Die in Yemen Every Two Hours, UN Renews Support of Griffiths

June 11, 2019 

IED blast kills and injures 5 Yemeni security belt elements in Abyan, June 11, 2019 Ibb, Yemen, 2019



The following news stories are from the Yemeni independent website Al-Masdar (  ):


IED blast kills and injures 5 security belt elements in Abyan

June 11, 2019, ALMASDARONLINE ١١ ٢٠١٩

Two members of the "security belt" were killed and three others injured in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack on a vehicle in the district of al-Mahfad, southeast of Abyan province, a local source told Al-Masdar online.

Unidentified men believed to be al-Qaeda militants planted an explosive device along a road leading to the Directorate of Al-Mahfad, and a car carrying soldiers belonging to the UAE-backed security belt exploded , the source said.

Unidentified assailants attacked military vehicles and checkpoints with explosive charges and high-explosive time bombs, and although a military campaign had expelled al-Qaida elements from its main strongholds in Al-Mahfad two years ago, observers say the organization still retains some presence in locations in the Al- Mahfad mountains.

UNICEF: Mother and 6 newborn children die every two hours in Yemen

June 11, 2019, ALMASDARONLINE ١١ ٢٠١٩

 Unicef said that one mother and six newborns die in Yemen every two hours, due to complications of pregnancy or childbirth, and deteriorating health care.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) added in a report entitled "Yemen: Motherhood and fatherhood in the context of conflict. Crossroads at birth  ", read by Al-Masdar online " Mothers and infants are among the most vulnerable in Yemen, especially since basic public services, including maternal and neonatal health care, are on the verge of total collapse. "

The results of a field study conducted in Aden, Sana'a and Taiz have led to an increase in home deliveries due to the growing poverty of Yemeni families every day, the organization said.

"The years of armed conflict in Yemen have worsened the situation of women and children at birth," it said, noting that "only 51% of all health facilities are fully operational, and these facilities suffer from a severe shortage of medicines, equipment and personnel."

Last year, the UN organization announced the death of a Yemeni child every 10 minutes for preventable causes, such as malnutrition and disease.

For nearly five years, Yemen, with a population of 27.5 million, is witnessing a war between government forces, backed by the Saudi-led Arab coalition on the one hand, and the militants of the al-Houthi group on the other, the war that erupted in late 2014, causing the world's worst humanitarian crisis and greater Modern-day famine according to UN reports.

Spokesperson: Saudi defense Forces destroy two drone planes in the south of the country

June 11, 2019, ALMASDARONLINE ١١ ٢٠١٩

Saudi air defenses shot down on Monday night two drones launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen towards the Khamis Mushait region in southern Saudi Arabia. Saudi-led Arab coalition spokesman Colonel Turki al-Maliki accused the Houthis of desperately attempting to target civilian locations, but they have failed in meeting the objectives of their reckless hostile acts. It is our legitimate right to take the necessary deterrent measures to deal with these hostile acts in line with International Humanitarian Law, he vowed.

Earlier Monday evening, the Houthis had announced "offensive operations with a number of 2k  Qasif drones  on King Khalid airbase in Khamis Mushait", without mentioning any further details.

Five civilians injured in Houthi shelling in one of al-Dhale villages

June 10, 2019, ALMASDARONLINE ١٠ ٢٠١٩

Five civilians were injured in a shelling by al-Houthi militants on Sunday on the homes of citizens in the areas of Hajar district in al-Dhale central Yemen.

Local sources said the Houthis shelled the area of "Bir Qais " In Hajar, with mortars, injuring five people, including women and children. Some of them are seriously injured.

Four people killed in two separate incidents in Ibb

June 10, 2019, ALMASDARONLINE ١٠ ٢٠١٩

Four people were killed in separate incidents in Ibb Central province of the country amid security chaos in the province, which is under the control of the al-Houthi group.

Local sources told Al-Masdar online that three citizens were killed in the area of the Allakmah in the district of al-Radhmah, northeast of the province, a few days after the Houthi militia released a death sentence prisoner.

According to the sources, the son of the deceased Ahmed Mohammed al-Hajj, killed the son of the accused his father Zaid Muhammad Jarallah, and another citizen, Abdo Ahmed Jarallah, after the Houthi militia admitted the murderer Zaid Jarallah to  the area of Allakmah with the police and attempted to impose a peace by force he spent a sum of money for Beit El Haj  but they refused.

In the Habish district, a citizen named Bakeel Saleh Abdul Karim was shot dead by a gunman in the directorate.

In another context, the child died named  Khaled al-Wasabi who drowned in the village of al-Lukkaimah in Najd Al-Jumaee area in  Sabrah directorate, southeast of the province.

UN Security Council backs the UN envoy to Yemen

June 11, 2019, almasdaronline-agencies ١١ ٢٠١٩

The UN Security Council threw its support behind Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen Martin Griffiths on Monday after he was embroiled in a dispute with Yemen's president.

Last month, Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi accused Griffiths of siding with the countrys Houthi rebels.

In a statement, the council called on the parties to "engage constructively and continuously with the Special Envoy".

The council's members praised Griffiths' efforts to back the parties to implement the Stockholm Agreement and to promote a political solution in Yemen, according to the statement.

The statement came after a meeting between Hadi and UN political chief Rosemary DiCarlo in the Saudi capital Riyadh which tackled Griffiths' work toward the implementation of the agreement.

Signed in December in Sweden, the agreement provides a conduit for aid through Hodeidah, the demilitarization of Taiz and an exchange of prisoners.

"The members of the Security Council reiterated their call on the parties to continue broader implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, including full adherence to the ceasefire in Hodeidah governorate as well as the finalization of arrangements for the Prisoner Exchange Agreement and the statement of understanding on Taiz," said the statement.

Yemen has been beset by violence and chaos since 2014, when Houthi rebels overran much of the country, including the capital Sanaa. The crisis escalated in 2015 when a Saudi-led military coalition launched a devastating air campaign aimed at rolling back Houthi territorial gains.

Since then, tens of thousands of Yemenis, including civilians, are believed to have been killed in the conflict, while another 14 million are at risk of starvation, according to the UN.

According to UN figures, Yemen is facing one of the worlds worst humanitarian crises, with more than 10 million people driven to the brink of famine. More than 22 million people in Yemen are desperate for humanitarian aid and protection.

Note to Readers:

The pro-Houthi website Yemen Extra has not been updated for this week.


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