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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

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Scores of Yemenis Killed in Clashes and in Saudi-Led Coalition Air Strikes

January 7, 2017 

Editor's Note:

The war in Yemen is fought internally by the forces of the elected President, Hadi, and the allied Houthi-Salih forces. The Hadi forces are supported by the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces, which are also supported by the United States. The Houthi-Salih forces are supported by Iran, which is also supported by Russia.

Thus the war in Yemen has its internal, regional, and global rivals, who are interested in keeping it going on for their own benefits (of course, no body cares about the dispensable, cannon-fodder Yemenis).

The larger context for understanding the Yemeni war (and other wars in Syria and Iraq) is that it contributes to the implementation of the Zionist-Israeli plan of destroying the Arab Middle Eastern states in preparation for the establishment of the greater Israeli empire, from the Nile of Egypt to the Euphrates of Iraq. 

For a background, read: 

Zionist Creative Destruction of the Middle East for the Benefit of the Apartheid Israeli Regime


A Saudi air strike on the outskirts of the capital Sanaa, on January 7, 2017 12 Yemeni civilians killed in a Saudi air strikes on the outskirts of the capital Sanaa, on January 7, 2017
2 Yemeni civilians killed in a Saudi air strikes on Munabh, Sa'ada, on January 7, 2017  


 UN official meets rebel ministers, and no comment from the legitimate government



 A UN official met on Thursday and Wednesday two officials in the coup government in the capital Sana'a, a step that constitutes a recognition of the legitimacy of the coup made by the Houthis and former president Saleh's forces against the legitimate government.
According to the Houthi controlled Saba news agency, the acting regional Director of the World Food Program in Yemen, Adham Musallam, met on Wednesday the Foreign Minister in the coup government Hisham Sharaf.
During the meeting, a copy of the credentials of the WFP Director in Yemen was handed over to the coup Foreign Minister. 
On Thursday, Musallam also met the coup Minister of Transportation Zakaria al-Shami, and both the parties discussed the World Food Program support for the rehabilitation of Hodeida Port, west Yemen.
The meeting was also attended by other officials in the coup government.
Almasdaronline has contacted officials in the Yemeni legitimate government and the Foreign Ministry to get an official statement about the UN officials dealing with the coup ministers, but there was no response.


The following news stories are from the pro-Saudi website Al-Masdar (  ):


Coalition launch 22 raid on Houthi sites and ballistic missile target government forces in Kahbob



The fighters of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition launched on Thursday 22 air raid on the Houthi and Saleh forces in Taiz and Lahj governorates, southwest of Yemen, according to military and local sources.
The sources told Almasdaronline that the raids targeted the Houthi repels sites in al Omari camp and al Jadid area in Dhubab district, and destroyed a rocket launcher and military vehicles.
"Some elements were killed and others injured in the coalition aerial bombardment," according to the sources. 
"The fighters also bombed with three raids the repels sites in al Sharijh and al Huyemi areas, northern Lahj, and targeted military vehicles, a heavy machine gun, and a Katyusha rocket launcher vehicle".
"These intensive raids came after the Houthis and allied forces have launched a ballistic missile from al Omari camp on the government forces in Shaab al Jinn camp in Kahbob district, eastern Bab el-Mandeb Strait, and unidentified casualties fell among the government troops".
In a related development, the coalition fighters launched three raids on the Radio camp in al Hawban area, eastern Taiz city.

government forces launch large-scale military operation and free Dhubab



The government forces and popular resistance fighters waged today, Saturday, a large-scale military operation, while the Arab Coalition fighters launched several air raids on the Houthis and Saleh forces sites in Taiz governorate.
A military source told Almasdaronline that the government forces had cleared the mountains and villages in the northern part of al-Mandeb, al Amri Junction, and al Shabaka Mount, south of Dhubab, in conjunction with clearing Kahbob area in al madharebah district, western Lahj governorate.
The source added that the battles are now flaring in al Khazan mountains and in the outskirts of al Amri camp.
The source pointed out that dozens of the rebels were killed and injured during the fighting and in the airstrikes. It is noteworthy that the government and pro-government forces had launched at dawn on Saturday a military operation in three directions; Kahbob area of al Madharebah district, al Hariqiah in al-Mandeb, and al Mansoura of al Wazeiyah district, and are making progress in the three directions.
"The forces are advancing towards the al Mocha coastal city", according to the source.
On the other hand, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition fighters had launched three raids on the Houthi rebels sites in Kahbob area and three other raids on their sites in al Amri camp.
The government forces also captured 15 militants of the Houthi and Saleh forces in the military operation launched today in the southwestern coast of Yemen.

Taiz: Government forces storm al Amri camp and 8 soldiers killed, including senior military commander



The government forces and the Popular Resistance fighters stormed today, Saturday, al Amri military camp northeast Dhubab district, southwest of Yemen, which is controlled by the Houthis and Saleh forces.
A military source told Almasdaronline that fierce battles are flaring up in the camp which is one of the most important military sites for the repels in the south-western region, near the strategic Bab el-Mandeb Strait.
The source added that the government forces are struggling fiercely to control the sites, while the Houthi repels are desperately fighting to hold their positions.
"The government forces had seized control of the entire Dhubab district as well as the mountains overlooking al Amri camp, and now we will continue to control the stronghold of the Houthi and Saleh forces".
Meanwhile, medical and military sources said that 8 members of the government forces and the popular resistance, including a senior military commander, were killed during the violent fighting in Dhubab.
A medical source told Almasdaronline that nine others were injured and were taken to the hospitals in Aden city, Yemen's interim capital. 
On the other hand, a military source said that the Commander of the Third Brigade of the government forces, Brigadier Omar al Subaihi was killed in the same battles.
It is noteworthy that the government and pro-government forces had launched a large-scale military operation in the southwestern coast of Yemen, while the fighters of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition have launched several raids on the Houthi and Saleh positions to secure the shipping lanes.


The following news stories are from the anit-Saudi website Al-Motamar (


Saudi aggression war jets wage 3 strikes on Mareb
Saturday, 07-January-2017
Saudi aggression fighter jets launched on Saturday three strikes on Sarweh district of Mareb province, an official said .

The strikes hit al-Masadarah area twice and other riad struck Habab valley area, causing damage to citizen's houses and farms.

Death toll from Saudi aggression airstrikes rise to 12 civilians
Saturday, 07-January-2017
Death toll from overnight Saudi aggression air strikes on the outskirts of the capital Sanaa rose to 12 civilians, a security official said on Saturday.

The air strikes targeted a school and a mosque in Bani Yousuf village of al-Haimah al-Kharijyah district west of the capital late on Friday.

Among the killed were three rescuers.

Saudi airstrikes kill 2 people in Sa'ada
Saturday, 07-January-2017

Saudi aggression warplanes launched six airstrikes on Munabh district of Sa'ada province, killing two citizens, a local official said Saturday.

One of the airstrikes, which took place on Friday and targeted AL al-Shaikh area, hit a car and killed the two citizens.

The Saudi warplanes also hit Bagm district eight times, the official added.

Saudi aggression warplanes strike Sana'a
Saturday, 07-January-2017
Saudi aggression warplanes launched five airstrikes overnight on Khawlan and Bani Hashesh districts on Sana'a province, a security official said on Saturday.

The Saudi warplanes launched two air strikes on Shawkan area in Khawlan district and three airstrikes on al-Jamimah area in Bani Hashesh, leaving serious damage to citizens' properties.

Saudi airstrikes target Serwah 5 times
Friday, 06-January-2017
The Saudi-aggression's fighter jets launched five raids on Serwah district of Mareb province, a local official said on Friday.

The hostile war jets hit Hailan Mountain five times, after hours from an air bombing targeted several areas of Serwah district.

On another hand, the Saudi-paid mercenaries launched an intensive missile and artillery bombardment on al-Matar, al-Rrabeah and Al Hajlan areas in the same district, causing large damage to civilians' houses and farms.

Saudi jets wage ten strikes on Bani Matar
Friday, 06-January-2017
The Saudi aggression warplanes launched ten raids on Bani Matar district of Sana'a province overnight, a security official said on Friday.

The hostile airstrikes targeted al-Subaha area, leaving damage to citizens' homes and property.

Health Minister discusses cooperation with Int'l organizations
Friday, 06-January-2017
Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Mohammed Salim bin Hafeedh discussed on Friday the cooperation between the ministry and the international organizations to support the health sector.

During the meeting, which was held at the United Nations' office in the province, Dr. bin Hafeedh called for further collaboration between the organizations and the health ministry and its offices in the provinces, especially its office in

Security dismantle TNT bomb in Ibb
Thursday, 05-January-2017
The security services and popular forces dismantled a TNT explosive bomb planted on the main road of Ibb governorate, a security official said on Thursday.

The bomb was dismantled late on Wednesday in Dhahar district.

Police opened an investigation to search for suspected perpetrators.

Security services dismantle 2 bombs in Bayda
Thursday, 05-January-2017
The security services and popular forces dismantled two explosive bombs planted on two regular roads in two districts of al-Bayda province, a security official said on Thursday.

The bombs were planted in the roads of Wald Rabiee district and Radaa district.

The official said investigation revealed that the bombs were planted by Saudi-paid mercenaries.

Cabinet reviews army victories over Saudi-paid mercenaries
Thursday, 05-January-2017
The cabinet held its weekly meeting on Thursday, reviewing strategic issues and discussing other security-related issues.
In the meeting held here in the capital, the state cabinet reviewed military victories achieved by the army and popular forces over enemy Saudi forces and Saudi-paid mercenaries on the front battles, in particular Nehm and Shabwa lines.


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