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September 29, 2013


3 Lebanese Killed, 6 Injured in Ba'albak Clashes Between Hizbullah Fighters and Local Residents, September 29, 2013


30 Palestinians Injured in Khalil, Including a Child Losing Eyesight, 29 Kidnapped in Jerusalem, September 29, 2013  


4 Suicide Bombers Attack Mali Military Camp, September 28, 2013  


40 Nigerian Students Killed in Attack on Northeastern College, September 29, 2013  


6 Kurdish Iraqis Killed, 36 Injured in Arbil Blasts, September 29, 2013  


From UN Podium, Tunisian President, Al-Marzouqi, Calls on Egypt to End Its Siege of Gaza Strip, September 27, 2013  


September 26, 2013


  Israeli Occupation Forces Beat, Kidnap, Attack Palestinian Civilians, Increase Apartheid Measures, September 24-26, 2013


Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmi Threatens Attack on Gaza Strip


27 Sudanese Killed in Fuel Subsidy Protests, September 25, 2013


33 Iraqis Killed, 92 Injured, in Shootings, Bombings, Suicide Attack, Across Iraq, September 26, 2013  


348  Pakistanis Killed in Baluchistan, September 25, 2013  


Western envoys tout deal on core of U.N. Syria draft, Russia denies it  


Video of President Hassan Rouhani's Speech at UN, with English Voice Translation, September 24, 2013  


September 23, 2013


Somali Fighters Attack Israeli-Owned Nairobi Mall, Demanding Withdrawal of Kenyan Forces from Somalia, September 23, 2013


Israeli Occupation Troops Manhandle EU Envoys in the West Bank


Germany's Victorious Merkel to Seek Coalition Partners 


September 20, 2013


65 Yemeni Soldiers Killed, 38 Injured, in an Al-Qaeda Attack on Shabwa Military Base, September 20, 2013


18 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded in Attack on a Samarra Sunni Mosque, September 20, 2013  


Stalemate Between Syrian Government and Opposition Forces, Fighting Ends in Azzaz, Near Turkish Border, September 20, 2013  


Islamophobia and its Impact in the United States, January 2011 to December 2012, Highlights and Link to Full Report


Islamophobia Network in the US Funded with $119 Million 2008 to 2011  


September 18, 2013


16 Nigerian Soldiers, 150 Boko Haram Killed in Army Attack, September 18, 2013  


49 Iraqis Killed, 148 Wounded in Violent Attacks, September 17, 2013  


Israeli Occupation Soldiers Attack Muslim Worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque with Tear Gas Bombs, September 18, 2013  


Brazil and US, Like Star-Crossed Lovers, Foiled Again  


Looting Hits Acapulco as Mexico Storm Death Toll Reaches 80  


Thousands of Palestinians Attend Funeral of Islam Tobasi, Who Was Murdered by Israeli Occupation Forces in Jenin, September 18, 2013


US Federal Reserve Surprises, Sticks to Stimulus as it Cuts Growth Outlook, September 18, 2013  


US Debt Hike Emerges as Main Battleground over Obama Health Care Plan  


US Government Scales Back Obamacare Impact for 2014  


September 17, 2013


Recently Discharged Aaron Alexis Killed, After Shooting 12 to Death at Navy Yard in Washington D.C., September 16, 2013  


8 Taliban Fighters, 6 Afghani Policemen Killed in Government Forces Raid, September 17, 2013  


Israeli Occupation Soldiers Kill Palestinian Youth in Jenin, Raid Southern Gaza, Kidnap 10 Civilians Including Minors  


Lawrence Summers Loses Federal Reserve Chief Nomination After Opposition from Democrats for his Contribution to 2008 Financial Disaster  


September 12, 2013


45 Iraqis Killed, 63 Injured in Attacks, Including 33 in Strike on a Shi'i Mosque in Baghdad, September 11, 2013  


6 Egyptian Soldiers Killed, 10 Injured in Sinai Suicide Bombing Attack, September 11, 2013  


Illegal Israeli Settlers Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque, Led by Housing Minister, in Two Consecutive Days, September 11-12, 2013  


Thousands Flee as Philippine Forces Battle MNLF Muslim Fighters  


The Ten Happiest Countries in the World in 2013: Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Austria, Iceland, and Australia


September 11, 2013 


Obama Puts off Syria Strike Amid Fresh Diplomatic Push  


A Tale of Two Chiles, 40 Years After the Pinochet Coup  


Altay Mowgli: A 20-Years-Old Feral Young Man Who Spent his Entire Life in Mud Hut in Siberian Forest


September 8, 2013


Protests Against Sports Spending Interrupt Brazilian Independence Day Parades, September 7, 2013


Israeli-Egyptian Siege of Gaza Strip Intensifies, Palestinians Appeal to EU for Fuel Supplies


Israeli Occupation Soldiers Burn Down Palestinian Olive Trees, Clash with Youngmen in Jerusalem and Khalil, September 8, 2013  


September 7, 2013


G20 Leaders Urged Obama to Abandon Plans for Air Strikes Against Syria, 10 Leaders Agree on a "Strong" But Not  Military Response  


China Buys Into Giant Kazakh Oilfield for $5 Billion


Israel First: John Kerry Urges EU to Postpone Funding Ban on Illegal Israeli Settlements  


50 Nigerians Killed by Army for Being Boko Haram Members  


18 Somalis Killed in Twin Attack Blasts on Mogadishu Restaurant  


Dozens of Palestinians Muslim Worshippers Wounded During Violent Israeli Attack at Al-Aqsa Mosque, September 6, 2013  


UN Calls on Egypt to Opening Rafah Crossing for Besieged Palestinians in Gaza  


September 2-4, 2013


More Than Two Million Have Fled Syrian Conflict, UN Says  


Egyptian Government Closes More TV Stations, Puts Morsi on Trial, Denies Badie's Heart Attack  


Afghan Taliban Fighters Attack US Army Base on Pakistan Border, September 2, 2013  


Egypt's New Rulers Tightened the Israeli Siege of Gaza Strip by Destroying Tunnels and Closing Rafah Crossing  


New York Police Department Declares Mosques as Terrorist Organizations !









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