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January 27, 2013


31 killed in Clashes Over Court Verdict in Egypt's Port Said  


20 Afghanis Killed, 33 Injured in 4 Attacks, January 26-27, 2013  


Iraqis Continue Protests, Parliament Passes Law Barring Maliki from a Third Term  


UN Humanitarian Chief arrives in Syria, as Fighting Intensifies, January 27, 2013  


 Mali, NATO's African Afghanistan: French, Malian forces push north as US extends support  


North Korea to Resume Nuclear Tests in Response to UN Security Council Sanctions


January 21, 2013


Inaugural Address by President Barack Obama, Text and Video


8 Yemenis Killed in US Drone Attacks, 10 Killed in Explosions, January 20, 2013  


Syrian foreign minister offers rebels cabinet deal


Death toll expected to rise in Algeria hostage crisis  


Fighting Continues in Mali Between Invading French Forces and Malian Fighters, January 2013  


Jordan's Islamists rally against upcoming parliamentary elections  


Gulf Arab activists step up campaigns despite quiet crackdown


January 16, 2013


President Obama Announces 23 New Measures to Prevent Gun Violence,  January 16, 2013


By Invading Mali, France has Failed to Heed the Lessons of History, Laments Dominique de Villepin


Failed French Attack on Al-Shabab Leads to the Death of Two French Soldiers and Scores of Somalis


January 7, 2013


Indian, Pakistani Troops Trade Deadly Fire in Kashmir  


Sudan, South Sudan Agree to Buffer Zone and Oil Exports


January 5, 2013


Four People Killed in Aurora, Colorado, Shooting Again!, January 5, 2013  


Syrian Regime Army Rockets Damascus Jabor Rebel District, Saudi Arabia and Egypt Call for Peaceful Transition  


French Tax Evader, Actor Gérard Depardieu, Meets Putin After Being Granted Russian Citizenship  


Xi Jinping Reiterates Adherence to Socialism With Chinese Characteristics  


Tocqueville's Classic Work on the French Revolution Becomes Chinese Bestseller  


January 1, 2013


US Senate Passes Fiscal Cliff Deal After Deadline, Jan 1, 2013


New York Islamophobia: Erika Menendez Murdered Sikh Sunando Sen by Pushing him in Front of Train, Thinking that He Was Muslim  


Syrian Revolution: Aleppo Airport Closes Due to Rebel Attacks




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