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August 26-28, 2013


51 Iraqis Killed, Dozens Injured in Series of Attacks Across Baghdad, August 28, 2013


3 Palestinians Killed, Dozens Injured in Qalandia Refugee Camp By Israeli Occupation Forces, Protests Erupt in the West Bank, August 26, 2013  


Argentina Rejects US Court Order to Pay 'Vulture' Hedge Funds, August 26, 2013  


Brazil foreign minister resigns over Bolivia row  


Tens of Thousands of Workers Join Strike in South Africa, August 27, 2013  


August 23, 2013


45 Lebanese Killed, Hundreds Injured in Blasts Targeting Mosques in Tripoli, August 23, 2013


43 Iraqis Killed, 86 Injured in Baghdad Suicide Bomber Attack on Cafe, August 23, 2013


3 NATO-ISAF Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Attacks, August 23, 2013


Initial Western Intelligence Finds Syrian Forces Used Chemical Weapons, US Secretary of Defense Hints at Asset Positioning


Palestinians Demand End of Gaza Siege by Israel and Egypt


Israeli Settlers, Intelligence Storm Al-Aqsa Mosque, Officers Torture Detained Palestinian Children  


August 21, 2013


1600 Syrians Killed in Gas Attack By Government Forces Near Damascus, August 21, 2013


CIA Admits Role in Iranian Coup of 1953, Overthrowing Mosaddegh Government


August 19, 2013


25 Egyptian Soldiers Killed by Militants in Sinai, August 19, 2013


Egypt Closes Rafah Crossing Indefinitely, Hamas Calls for Sea Convoys to Bust the Blockade


Egyptian Former Ousted President, Hosni Mubarak, Will Be Freed Soon, Says his Lawyer, August 19, 2013


Egyptian One-Sided Media Coverage Incites Against Protesters


August 16, 2013


100s of Egyptian Protesters Killed by Police Forces, Anti-Government Protests Continue All Over the Country, August 16, 2013  


24 Lebanese Killed, Hundreds Injured in Beirut Hezbollah stronghold Blast, August 16, 2013  


34 Iraqis Killed, 100s Injured in Baghdad Car Bomb Attacks, August 15, 2013  


Syrian Refugees Pour into Iraq, Residential Building Collapses in Aleppo After Shelling by Government Forces, August 16, 2013


August 14, 2013


278 Egyptians Killed, Thousands Injured in Police Crack Down on Pro-Morsi Protesters, August 14, 2013


August 10, 2013


80 Iraqis Killed in Bomb Attacks, August 10, 2013  


Iraqi Kurdistan President, Barzani, Threatens Intervention Against Syrian Rebels, August 10, 2013  


In rural Homs, Sunni Syrians Fear Army Offensive, August 9, 2013


Israeli Drone Airstrike Targeting Egyptian Rafah Kills Five Egyptians


Violent Clashes Erupt at Pro-Morsi Rallies Across Egypt, August 10, 2013


Netanyahu: “Israel Will Retaliate To Attacks From Gaza, Sinai”


Palestinians Fleeing Syrian Civil War Prevented from Entering Lebanon !  


August 5-7, 2013


McCain and Graham Describe Egyptian Military Overthrow of Morsi as a Coup D'etat, August 7, 2013


US Senators McCain and Graham Arrive in Egypt for Intensified Effort in Managing the Military Coup Crisis  August 6, 2013  


Syrian Revolutionary Fighters Capture Minnigh Airbase, in Aleppo, 4 Alawite Villages  


Spain Arrests Pedophile Moroccan Children, After King Revocation of Pardon, August 6, 2013  


3 Americans Killed in Shooting, at Pennsylvania Municipal Meeting, August 5, 2013


August 4, 2013


Egyptian Military Leader and Islamists Meet After Mediation By US Envoy William Burns  


Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Tawakul Karman, Barred from Entering Egypt  


Intense Clashes in Damascus Suburbs of Barzeh, Hamorieh, Qaboun, and Eastern Countryside, August 4, 2013  


Morocco's King Orders Probe Into Spaniard Pedophile Pardon After Protests   


August 1-2, 2013


Pro-Morsi Protesters March in Cairo and Other Egyptian Cities, in Defiance to Government Orders for them to Disband, August 2, 2013  


Gaza Government Warns of Humanitarian Disaster Due to Egyptian Closure of Rafah Crossing  


Arms depot blast kills scores in Syrian city of Homs, August 1, 2013


John Kerry Gives US Seal of Approval to Egypt's New Military-Appointed Government, August 2, 2013


Kerry's Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Doomed to Failure, Israeli Cabinet Member Naftali Bennett Brags About Killing Arabs, Calls for Killing More, August 1, 2013





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