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November 26, 2011


28 Pakistan Troops Killed, 11 Injured, in NATO Helicopter Attack, November 26, 2011  


20 Syrian Protesters Killed, Arab League Deadline Passes Without Response, November 25, 2011  


15 Iraqis Killed, 30 Injured in Baghdad Blasts, 50 Killed in Basra Blast, November 26, 2011  


2 Saudi Protesters Killed, 9 Injured in Qatif, Riyadh Blogger Firas Buqna Released, November 26, 2011  


Egyptians Continue Protests Against Military Council in Tahrir Square, November 26, 2011


Muslims Denounce Israeli Assaults on Islamic Sites in Jerusalem, Arab League Denounces European Capitulation  


Mesha'al-Abbas Cairo Meeting Means Palestinians on the Right Path, November, 25, 2011



November 22, 2011


Egyptian protesters struggle to throw off army rule  


US Firm CSI of Jamestown, Pennsylvania, Maker of Teargas Used Against Tahrir Square Protesters  


More Israeli Threats of War on Gaza, by Benny Gants This Time, More Theft of Palestinian Property in Jerusalem  


Republican-Orchestrated Islamophobia and Hate-Mongering Continue: Remarks from Cain, Geller, Womick, November 22, 2011  


Islamophobia in the US: Fraud Speakers, Denial of Mosque Constructions, NYPD/CIA Spying on Muslims, November 22, 2011


November 20, 2011


Israeli-Zionist Aggression


US Threatens to Cut Off Aid to Palestinian Authority if National Reconciliation Materializes  


Illegal Israeli soldiers Kidnap Palestinians, Settlers Attack Villagers in Hebron and Nablus  




Occupy Wall Street Protests in the US Continue Strong, November 20, 2011


Arab League Rejects Syrian Amendments to Peace Plan, as 17 Protesters Killed  


2 Killed, Over 600 Wounded in Egypt Street Protests  


Libyan Revolution Fighters Capture Last Figure of the Dictatorial Regime, Saif Al-Qadhafi  


Yemen's Dictator, Saleh, Still Resistant Playing Tricks to Stay in Power, as More Forces Join the Revolution, November 20, 2011  


Tunisian Coalition Agree to Power-Sharing Deal


November 14, 2011


Israeli Threat to World Peace


Palestinian Policeman Killed, 4 Injured in Israeli Air Raid on Gaza, November 14, 2011  


UN Security Council Fails To Reach Agreement On Palestinian Membership Application  


Wrecked Israeli spy drone found in Turkish territory  


Obama Considers Iranian Nuclear Weapons a Direct Threat to the US  


Iran mourns missile expert as report links blast to Israel


Obama, Sarkozy Caught Bemoaning Boss Netanyahu, Forgetting What Happened to Bill Clinton


November 5, 2011


Muslim Pilgrims Gather on Arafat, Saturday, Celebrate Eidul Adha Sunday, November 6, 2011  


Syrian Troops Kill 23 Protesters After Regime's Acceptance of Arab League Peace Plan  


2 Palestinians Killed, 2 Injured in Gaza, Protesters Attacked, Injured in Hebron, Bil'in by Israeli Occupation Forces  


Freed Palestinian Captives Leave Gaza for Haj But West Bankers Barred from Travelling to Perform Pilgrimage  


Britain, France, Bosnia to Abstain, US to Use Vito in Palestine UN Membership Vote  


Israeli Occupation Navy Board Gaza Bound Aid Ships, Tow them to Isdood  


Miles of Smile Aid Convoy Arrives in Gaza Via Rafah  


Algerian Parliament Passes a Law Giving Women 20-30 Percent Representation




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