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December 31, 2011


Muslim, Arab, Civil Rights Groups Troubled By New US Detention Law, H.R. 1540  


Islamophobia in the US: Spying on Muslims in NY, Stabbing in Illinois, Michigan School Bias, December 31, 2011  


Lowe's Controversy and Gingrich's Hateful Statements Led to Increase in US Islamophobic Incidents


December 30, 2011


38 Syrian Protesters Killed in One Day, During Visit of Arab League Monitors, December 30, 2011  


35 Iraqi Kurdish Civilians Killed in a Turkish Air Strike, Erdogan Regrets it, December 30, 2011  


Yemeni Protesters Demand Trial of Dictator Saleh, December 30, 2011  


Israeli Occupation Air Strike Kills a Palestinian, Injures Five People, More Threats of War on Gaza, December 30, 2012  


On Third Anniversary of Israeli Invasion of Gaza, Palestinian Prime Minister, Isma'il Haniya, Calls for Arab Support


December 25, 2011


Advisors of Newt Gingrich and Mit Romney Have Ties With the Military Industry, With Lucrative Federal Contracts, December 25, 2011  


4 US Soldiers, 20 Afghanis Killed, 50 Injured in Attacks, December 24-25, 2011  


13 Killed in Clashes Between Yemeni Government Forces, Taez Protesters, US Ambassador Gerald Feierstein Blames the Victims, December 25, 2011  


Sudan's Army Announces Killing of Darfur's Rebel Leader, Khalil Ibrahim  


Blame Game Follows Twin Attacks in Syrian Capital, Killing 44 People  


Israeli Knesset Discusses Bill Declaring Palestinian Occupied Jerusalem as Israel's Capital, December 25, 2011  


New Illegal Israeli Settlement on Stolen Palestinian Lands, Connecting Ma'ale Adumim With Occupied East Jerusalem, EU Protests, December 25, 2011  


Palestinian Christians Celebrate in Bethlehem, December 25, 2011


December 22, 2011


63 Iraqis Killed, 194 Injured in Baghdad Blasts, Following Maliki Arrest Warrant Against Hashimi, December 22, 2011


Scores of Syrian Protesters Killed Daily as Arab Monitors Due to Arrive, December 22, 2011


December 19, 2011


Ron Paul Leads in Iowa as Gingrich Support Erodes, Poll


North Korea's Leader Kim Jong-il Dies, his Son Kim Jong-Un Declared New Ruler


14 Egyptian Protesters Killed, 700 Injured in Tahrir Square, December 19, 2011  


Syria signs deal to allow international observer mission  


Palestinian Worker Killed, Two Fishermen Kidnapped by Israeli Soldiers, Five Vehicles Burned by Settlers  


Israel Declares Building 1,000 Illegal Settlement Units on Stolen Palestinian Lands, December 19, 2011  


550 Palestinian Detainees Released in Second Phase of Israel-Hamas Swap Deal  


Israeli Occupation Soldiers Killed 19 Palestinian Children in 2011, UNICEF  


December 15, 2011


US forces hold ceremony to mark end of Iraq mission  


French Far-Right National Front Politicians in Israel, in Quest for Global Zionist Support, December 15, 2011  


Syrian Forces 'Authorized to Shoot to Kill' Protesters, Says HRW  


Illegal Israeli Settlers Set Fire in Burqa Mosque After Burning Jerusalemite Mosque of Ukasha, December 15, 2011


December 11, 2011


Israeli Occupation Forces Kill a Palestinian in Nabi Saleh, Conduct Air Strikes on Gaza Strip, Kill 19 Palestinian Children in 2011  


Newt Gingrich's Statement About Palestinians as "Invented People," Cheap, Disgraceful, Vulgar, Hurtful, and Ridiculous, Replies Fayyad  


Syrians Launch Karama Public Strike, 14 Killed by Dictatorial Security Forces, December 11, 2011  


Durban climate change talks produce 'historic deal'  


Death toll of suicide bombing on Kabul shrine rises to 80  


Nick Clegg says EU treaty veto is 'bad for Britain'  


Thousands of Palestinians Mourn Protester Mustafa Tamimi, Killed at Nabi Saleh by Israeli Occupation Forces  


UN General Assembly Passes Nine Resolutions in Support for Palestinian Inalienable Rights, December 9, 2011  


UN Resolution 194, Passed on December 11th 1948, Calls for Return and Compensation of Palestinian Refugees


December 8, 2011


Sarkozy, Merkel Push for Deal at Crunch EU Summit, US Backs Deal, British Opposition, Italian 20 Billion Euro Crisis  


Ron Paul, the Only Republican Presidential Candidate Who Does Not Pledge Allegiance to Israel  


Occupy Wall Street: Americans Continue Protests Against Greedy Capitalists in Washington and Other Cities, December 8, 2011  


Syrian dissidents launch civil disobedience campaign, Assad denies ordering brutal crackdown  


3 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Assassination Air Strikes on Gaza City, December 8, 2011  


Illegal Israeli Jewish Settlers Burn Down Burqin Mosque, Illegal Soldiers Kidnap 13 Palestinians, December 8, 2011  


Palestinian Jerusalemite MP Ahmed Attoun Expelled, MP Mohamed Tuteh Threatened Expulsion by Israeli Occupation Government  


December 5, 2011


Israeli Military Court Admits Use of Torture Against Palestinian Prisoners, Jailers Deny Them Medical Treatment


 Israeli Occupation Soldiers Kidnap 3 Palestinian Boys, Illegal Jewish Settlers Attack Residents of Beit Ummar





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