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April 29, 2011


Oil Prices Reach $112 in New York, $125 in London Despite Poor Economic Data  


Empire Wars:


New Obama National Security Team: Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense, David Petraeus as CIA Chief  


29 Iraqis Killed in Attacks, April 28-29, 2011  


8 US Soldiers, Civilian Contractor, Killed by Afghani Pilot, 2 More Killed in Another Attack, April 27-28, 2011  


Arab Revolution


Marrakesh Blast in Morocco: Another Terrorist Attack by Arab Security Forces?  


Libyan Revolutionary Forces Recaptured  Dhehaiba-Wazin Border Crossing  with Tunisia  


Yemeni Dictator Says He Will Not Sign GCC Power-Transfer Plan If Qatar Attends  


Egypt, Palestine, Israel


Egypt Sends Invitations for Signing Ceremony of Palestinian Reconciliation, on Tuesday, May 3, 2011  


Europe More Open than US on Palestinian Reconciliation Deal  


Israel-Firsters in US Congress Threaten to Cut Aid to the PA in Retaliation to the Palestinian Reconciliation  


Palestinian Reconciliation: A Logical Step After Netanyahu's Indifference About Peace and US Capitulation to Israel  


Egypt to Open Rafah Border Crossing in Ten Days, Ending the Brutal Israeli-Led Siege of Gaza Strip  


Egypt to Open New Chapter in Relations with Iran, Says Foreign Minister Nabil El-Arabi  


April 27, 2011


Palestinian Reconciliation Agreement Signed in Cairo, a Breakthrough Credited to the Egyptian Revolution  


Netanyahu Furious, Palestinians and Egyptians Celebrating Fat'h and Hamas Reconciliation Agreement in Cairo  


Illegal Israeli Settlers Burn Commercial Stores in Al-Khalil Old City  


Nazi-Minded Rabbi, Dov Lior, Calls for Expulsion of Palestinians from their Homeland for the 'Ethnic Purity of Israelis'  


Turkey Warns Israel Against Attacking Second Gaza Solidarity Flotilla, in June 2011  


April 25, 2011


Arab Revolution


25 Syrian Protesters Killed by Troops in Dera'a, Snipers Kill 12 Mourners During a Damascus Funeral, April 25, 2011  


Qaddafi Compound Hit in Fresh NATO Air Strikes, Heavy Fighting in Misrata and Libyan Mountains, April 25, 2011  


Yemeni Opposition Accepts Gulf Transition Plan, But the Deal Fails to End Protests, April 25, 2011  


Thousands of Moroccans Stage Peaceful Pro-Democracy Protests, April 25, 2011  


Israeli Aggression


Illegal Israeli Settlers on Rampage in the West Bank After Killing a Sneaking Settler by a Palestinian Security Officer, April 25, 2011  


Israeli Occupation Forces Use Dogs to Bite Palestinians Protesters, Attack and Kidnap Boys, Block Religious Freedom for Christians  


Palestinian Challenges Abduction By Israeli Occupation Forces As Illegal, a Precedent for 8,000 Political Prisoners


April 21, 2011


Arab Revolution


Libyan Revolution Fighters Take Control of Wazin Post on Tunisian Border,  Journalists Tim Hetherington, Chris Hondros Killed in Misrata  


US Sends Drones to Libya, Battle Rages for Misrata, April 21, 2011  


Ending Five Decades of Emergency Rule Fails to Halt Syrian Protests, April 21, 2011  


Syrian Army Deployed in Homs Ahead of Friday Prayers Protests, April 21, 2011  


Israeli Aggression


Israeli Intellectuals Rally in Tel Aviv in Support of a Palestinian State, Called Traitors by Extremists  


Subaru Car Advertisement Shows an Illegal Israeli Settler Striking Two Palestinian Children  


Palestinian Priest, Muslim Officials, Arrive In Italy To Offer Condolences To Vittorion Arrigoni's Family


April 18, 2011


US-Israel Trade: Espionage, Theft & Secrets - IRmep at University of Rochester, Video and Chronology


US Treasury: US donation laundering into West Bank settlements "Okay" - IRmep


Islamophobia in the US


FBI Investigating Vandalism at Cartersville Mosque, Georgia, April 18, 2011  


CAIR Welcomes Secretary Clinton's Remarks on US Muslims Support  


CAIR-MN Welcomes Federal Agreement on Harassment of Somali Students in Minnesota


Islamophobia in the US, April 18, 2011: Ohio Candidates Boycott Tea Party Over Islam-Bashing Flap


Islamophobia in the US, April 17, 2011: Discrimination, Bullying, Threats, Profiling, and Surveillance  


 Islamophobia in the US, April 16, 2011: Trump Says Quran Teaches 'Negative Vibe'  



April 17, 2011


8 US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan War Attacks, April 16-17, 2011  


Super Rich Americans Tax Rate Is 17%, Instead of the Top Rate of 35%!, April 17, 2011  


Arab Revolution


Protests Continue All Over Syria Demanding Regime Change, Despite Assad's Promise of Reforms, April 17, 2011  


Yemeni Protesters Insist on Deposing Dictator Saleh & Putting him on Trial, GCC Mediates, April 17, 2011  


Ex-Egyptian Dictator, his Sons Jailed for Interrogation, his NDP Party Dissolved, Nazif and Ministers to Be Tried for Corruption, April 17, 2011  


Stalemate Continues in Libyan Civil War, NAOT Limits Raids, Oil-Export Area Target of Attacks and Counter Attacks, April 17, 2011  


Libyan Woman, Iman Al-Obaidi, Tells Graphic Details About her Gang Rape by 15 Qadhafi Militiamen in Tripoli, April 17, 2011  


Israeli Aggression


Israeli Agents Suspected of Murdering Italian Peace Activist, Vittorio Arrigoni,  in Gaza, a Week After Murdering Juliano Khamis, in the West Bank, April 17, 2011  


60% of Polled Israelis Support a New War on Gaza  


While At Israeli TV Building, Peace Now Director, Yariv Oppenheimer, Attacked By Right-Wing Researcher, April 15, 2011  


April 12, 2011


Photos of Historic New York Anti-war, Anti-Islamophobia Rally


Ihsanoglu Calls for a Constructive Partnership Between the USA and Muslim World  


Mass Protests in Front of the Algerian Presidential Palace  


Palestinian Protesters in Ramallah Demand Release of Political Prisoners in the West Bank, April 12, 2011  


Avigdor Lieberman to Be Indicted




Republican Orchestrated Islamophobia in the US: Anti-Muslim Hearings, Shari'a Craze, & Profiling, April 11, 2011  


Muslim American News Briefs, April 11, 2011


Islamophobia in the US: Shari'a Panic Factory of the "ACT" Israel-Firsters, April 11, 2011  


April 9, 2011


Videos of the Syrian Revolution in Various Cities, April 9, 2011  


Syrian Revolution Against Assad Dictatorial Regime in Full Force, Protests in Most Cities, April 9, 2011  


Battle Over Ajdabiya and Libyan Oil-Export Area Continues, April 9, 2011  


Israeli Aggression and War Crimes in Gaza


15 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Terrorist Attacks on Gaza Strip, in Anniversary of the Dair Yassin Massacre, April 9, 2011  


Palestinians Declare Unilateral Ceasefire But Israelis Continue Bombardment and Killing in Gaza  


Isma'il Haniya and Nabil Al-Arabi Condemn the Israeli Attacks on Gaza, April 9, 2011  


Israeli General Oded Tira Calls for Genocide Against Palestinians Under the Pretext of  "Eliminating" Hamas  


Gaza Convoys to Continue by Sea, Land, and Air, Says Bulent Yildirim  


April 5, 2011


Republican-Orchestrated Islamophobia for Election Purposes: 


Islamophobia in the US: Terry Jones Burning of Quran Should Be Ignored,  April 5, 2011


Islamophobia in the US: Reinvention and Abuse of Sharia Law to Scare Americans, April 4, 2011


Islamophobia in the US: Anti-Islam Training, April 3, 2011  


Islamophobia in the US: Ignorant Islamophobes Abusing the Term 'Sharia', April 2, 2011


Bankrupt in Ideas, US Republican Contenders Demonize Islam for Political Gain  


Assault on Muslim Cabbie in LA as Hate Crime Religious, ethnic slurs allegedly used during assault in Newport Beach  


100 Imams Condemn Terrorism And Call for End of Wars, April 9 Antiwar and Anti-Islamophobia Rally at Union Square, New York  


April 3-4, 2011


Anti-Regime Protests Turn Deadly After Yemeni Police Open Fire, April 3, 2011  


Syrian Protests Continue During Funerals, Assad Names New Premier to Show Reform, April 3, 2011  


Battle Over Buraiqa Back and Forth, Qadhafi Forces Attack Western Libyan Cities of Jabal Nafousa, April 3, 2011  


Rape of Iman Al-Obaidi Is Rape of Libya by Qadhafi and his Thugs  


Quran Burning Protests Spread to Turbulent Afghan East, Apr 3, 2011  


April 2, 2011


7 UN Workers, 6 Afghani Protesters Killed in Mazar-i- Sharif, During Protest Against Burning Quran in Florida, April 1, 2011  


3 Palestinians Assassinated in Khan Younis by Israeli Drone Air Strike, April 2, 11  


Israeli Aggression & Occupation of Palestine


3 Palestinians Assassinated in Khan Younis by Israeli Drone Air Strike, April 2, 2011  


Abbas Invited to Cairo in Support for his Visit to Gaza, 14 Palestinian Detainees to be Released from Egyptian Prisons, April 2, 2011  


Palestinians to Declare State in September, If Not Recognized, Struggle Will Start for One-State Solution, Says Nabil Sha'ath, April 2, 2011  


Major London Retailer For Ahava Dead Sea Salts Forced To Close, Due to Successful Boycott Campaign, April 2, 2011






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