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The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

A Movie Review

By Ahmed Elnajjar

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, September 19, 2015

The Maze Runner Scorch Trial is the sequel that has been released on September 18, 2015. It is directed by Wes Ball and produced by Ellen Goldsmith-vein, Wyck Godfrey, Marty Bowen and Lee Stollman.

The Cast Members are Dylan O’Brien as Thomas, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt, Ki Hong Lee as Minho, Kaya Scodelario as Teresa, Rosa Salazar as Brenda, Jacob Lofland as Aris, and Giancarlo Esposito as Jorge.

It’s a suspenseful movie, like when Thomas and Brenda get lost and end up in the tunnels because the viewer doesn’t know if they are going to escape or get attacked.

The digital effects are great. Like the way they made the buildings look like they were destroyed and slammed into one another. Further, they made the deserted city a realistic scene.

Some scenes didn't make sense. For example, Aris was running with the group then suddenly the door opens and he is on the other side of the door. That didn't seem realistic and the director and the author could have done a better job on that scene.

Also, the Horhay is Latino name. Why would actors pronounce as George but write it as Jorge? It doesn't make sense.

Now to the story:

The movie starts when a boy is seen going through a fence to a plane. Another boy, Thomas, and a group of teenagers get off a helicopter in front of a building.

They go inside the building, where they meet the other Teenagers like them. Then, the teenagers tell their own stories about what happened to them. Thomas sees a boy setting by himself, who tells him that Aris has been there the longest.

Thomas goes and talks to Aris who tells him that they are being deceived and that this place is not a safe haven, "something weird is happening here," he adds.

When everyone is asleep, Aris comes out of a vent and asks Thomas to come with him and see for himself. So, Thomas and Aris crawl through the small vent and they see a body carried by doctors into a room.

Thomas hurries back to tell his friends that this place is not what they thought it was. It is still under control of the company, called WICKEDs, and that they need to get out of it, he adds. Newt and Minho are surprised at what Thomas tells them. He and Aris go to find out for sure.

Then, Thomas creates a little fight with the guards who run the building in order to get his access card to go into the room, which was off limits. Later that night, Aris and Thomas go through the vents to get to level 5 of the building.

When they are there, they can see one of the WICKEDs' guards hiding. They open the door with the access card and Thomas sees a room full of teenagers hooked to machines. He is horrified at what he is seeing.

Aris and Thomas, then, go back through the vent and tell their friends that they have never left the WICKEDs' control because they are still experimenting on other teenagers.

Then, Aris asks Newt about Teresa, as he hasn't seen her. When Thomas and others go looking for her, they find her in a different part of the building, and tell her that they are leaving.

They start running for the exit but they find it locked and the access card doesn’t work anymore. Suddenly, the doors open because Aris opens them from the other side.

At that moment, the guard in charge, Janson, screams at them to come back because they will not be able to survive outside in the “SCORCH.”

So, now Thomas, Newt, Minho, Teresa, Aris and Winston run outside, while being chased by Janson and the WICKED guards. They go into a destroyed building for cover.

They start looking for anything they can use. Minho finds an old generator and turns it on. Because of the light, they attract the attention of the infected men, called “CRANKS,”  who chase them. They run for their lives, all over the destroyed building, looking for a way out. They find a way out but Winston got scratched by the infected CRANKS before they got out without him.

They walk in the desert for days and Thomas wakes up because the thunder and lightning are getting too close to them. Then, they find a group called the “RED ARM” that helps the immune survivors find safe haven from the WICKEDs' guards.

So, they start running to the building that they see but Minho gets hit by lightning but he survived. They go into the building but they are surrounded by the CRANKS.

A girl appears from the building and tells them that she's Brenda and offered them help by taking them to Jorge, the leader of survivors.

Thomas tells Jorge that they are running from the WICKEDs' guards and that they have come to the building for a safe haven from them.

But someone tells WICKEDs' guards about them and they leave the building to escape. So, now they are on the run again and Brenda and Jorge come with them after blowing up the building.

They escape and go to a man called Marcus, so he can lead them to the Red Arm, the resistance group against WICKEDs. On the way, Thomas and Brenda get separated from the group. They end up in a series of towers with the CRANKS, and once again they are running for their lives.

They get out and rejoin their friends. They meet Marcus in a party but he does want to tell them where the Red Arm is. So, Jorge beats him up until he says that they are somewhere in the mountains.

Then, they head for the mountains and they find them after a couple of days. They ask for their help and protection.


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