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Messenger of Peace
Shafeeka S. Basheer,

Arab News, 5/16/03

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) of all the prophets of the world was endowed with unique attributes. He lived life as prescribed in the Qur’an. From his childhood, he was known for his truthfulness, honesty and generosity. People called him Al-Amin, which means the highest standard of public and moral life.

Reformers, founders of religion and faith, and philosophers have changed the course of history; they have influenced one aspect of human life each. But the Prophet Muhammad transformed the whole nature of man and society with guidance from a divine book — the Qur’an.

The poet Allama Iqbal says:

“He established new order in the world,

And overturned the authority of empire old,

With key of faith he opened the gates of the world,

A son like him the earth never produced”

During his divine mission, the Prophet ruled the hearts of the people, brought unity among all the tribes, raised women from the legal status of chattel to complete legal equality with man, emphasized education, transcended all barriers of tribe, race, nationality and installed brotherhood.

It is his dedication to one God together with practical instruction that make Islam unique in history. Never in history has a personality influenced, even after his demise, so deeply and pervasively as Muhammad has. People find him as their great source of inspiration and guidance.

For believers the Prophet is the ultimate norm and perfect model. He is their chief source of support and comfort in all personal vicissitudes and tribulations. Even to this day the Prophet motivates a whole population to strive in all walks of life.

Peace and happiness are the matters of the spirit and these can be only attained by the application of Holy Qur’an and its divine principles.

Let the believers express their tribute to this magnificent man by taking their lessons from Islamic events, and follow the proper path, as enjoined by their faith.

Arab News Islam 16 May 2003



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