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Khaleej Times

13 July 2003

THE international charter for elimination of all forms of racial discrimination, adopted in 1965, stated in Clause VII that: "Discrimination between human beings on the basis of race, colour, or ethnic origin stands as an insurmountable obstacle before international and peaceful relations among nations.

Peace and security can prevail among peoples and harmony can triumph among individuals cohabiting even within the one nation".

The final communique issued by the international conference on human rights, held in Teheran in 1986, known as Teheran Declaration, cited: "The express denial of human rights as resulting from discrimination on the basis of race religion or ideology arouses human conscience and jeopardises the foundations of freedom, justice and peace worldwide".

If this is the case in discrimination, what if we dive deep in Zionism, which is alive with provocations towards the denial of others and their rights. Although the Zionist movement comes from way back, whose goals and tactics have been monitored by tens of publications, books and sermons. To avoid reiteration or overflow of information, it is sufficient to refer to certain statements uttered by the leaders and masters of the Zionist movement, who chalked out the Zionist dream and the means to make it come true by way of planting and irrigating the seeds of the ideology on which it is built.

Vladimir Jabotinski, the godfather of clandestine elements and agents, before the set-up of the state of Israel in 1948, expresses the ideology and tactics of the Zionist movement saying: "Thus, dear readers, if article 13 of the UN Charter, as mentioned above, calls for establishing the foundations of basic human rights and freedom for all people without any discrimination on the basis of race, sex, language or religion, the Zionist ideology is built on discrimination in two forms: race and religion".

To manifest the obsession the Zionist ideology has over its devotees, and that the radicalism of ideology led to extremism in the means and techniques of materialising the Zionist goals, let's take a look at how Zionist view some other Jews, in case their main goal is not to salvage the soul of Jews, but to set up a Jewish state over the Palestinian lands. Here is David Ben Gurion, who was later inducted as the first Israeli prime minister after its declaration in 1948, addressing the Jewish congregation in December 7, 1938: "If I were to know that it is possible to opt between salvaging all the Jew children in Germany by dwelling them in England; and transferring only half of those children to Israel, I would opt for the second alternative. We must understand that it is the history of the entire people of Israel, not the destiny of those children, should be taken into consideration". (Yvonne Gleber's Zionist policy and destiny of European Jews, Jerusalem, volume 7, page 199).

The memorandum drafted by the Salvage Committee in the Jewish agency, as mentioned in Tom Segev's book The Seventh Million (published by Liana Levy, Paris, 1993, page 539), states: "Do we have to extend assistance to all those who need it without considering their qualities and characteristics? Shouldn't we imprint such act with a Zionist national mark and give precedence and priority to the salvage of those who could be of benefit on the lands of Israel and useful to Zionism? We must, regretfully, expressly admit that if we could choose between the salvage of 10,000 people from among those 50,000 who can contribute to the set up revival of the nation; and the salvage of one million Jews to become a burden on our shoulders, or at least useless bloc, it is our duty to keep a tight rein on our effort to salvage the 10,000 people, regardless of the accusations or appeals raised by the one million to be marooned".

All the above confirms that Zionism, together with the racism and discrimination, embodied deep within, is bearing the seeds of radicalism and the extremist ideology, which slowly crawled to influence actions. It sparked off the incessant volcano of violence, which has taken a costly toll on the Arabs and other friendly British, Europeans, and Americans, yet also, truthfully, on Jews as well. This will be the core of the next column.


Earth, a planet hungry for peace


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).
The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).



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