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Who detonated violence in the Middle East?

By Hassan Ahmed Raafat

Khaleej Times

20 July 2003

DURING the previous five episodes, we addressed at first the insinuations and attempts to interconnect violence and terrorism with whatever is Islamic. I have explained at the beginning that "official Islamic message" is dependent upon contents of the Holy Quran and Sunnah (the tradition of the holy Prophet), particularly as the Holy Qur'an is free from any distortion or misrepresentation or the like.

It has been preserved since it was received as revelation by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). As for the Sunnah, it has been carefully verified by its own specialised scholars who belong to four different schools of Islamic thought, being the Hanafis, Shafeiite, Malikis, and Hanbalis. I have quoted verses from the Holy Quran and teaching tradition from the holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, in respect of how to deal with and handle non-Muslims. Peace should prevail as a normal and natural state of affairs between Muslims and subjects of other religions. War is no more than a contingent state that should not continue for too long. I then moved into the identification of some of the causes of extremism which adopt violence and terror against others. We concluded that ethnic discrimination is the most important factor that breeds terrorism. By its very nature, ethnic discrimination does not recognise any rights for other parties. Consequently in lieu of peaceful coexistence, the discriminatory practices adopt elimination of others as a general policy across the board. I provided evidences and quoted articles composed by a number of their theorists and philosophers. Then I addressed how this Zionist way of thinking has further affected those extremist Zionist Jews who directed all their extremist ideas and techniques towards establishing the state of Israel on the Palestinian soil. Thereafter I covered the topic of terrorism and violence which were adopted by the Zionist gangs against the British troops that were in Palestine before 1949 within the umbrella of the British Mandate over Palestine. Then there was the terrorist operation of blowing up the King David Hotel which was supervised by Menachem Begin who became the Israeli prime minister afterwards. This explosion killed 41 Arabs, 38 British, 17 Jews and five others. There is also the assassination of Lord Moen, the British Commissioner in the Middle East who used to live in Cairo, and assassination of the international mediator Count Bernadot. In this episode we will cover a small part of terrorism and violence that was practised by Zionist on Arabs both Muslims and Christians, prior to and after establishing the state of Israel. We will briefly list each incident, its victims and date as follows:

Massacre of Hasas Arabian Village in December 1947: In 1981, the Israeli newspaper Maariv published a report dispatched by those who executed the operation. The report goes on to state that - "The execution group could not kill except 12 Arab persons of Has...s natives including a number of women and children as most of the young men had abandoned the village before the massacre was executed. It was a horrible crime as regards its results";

Seventy Arab natives were killed in Yafa on December 4, 1948, by blowing up a vehicle that was crying 500kg of explosives. The terrorist who performed such operation gave a detailed account of the massacre and how it was performed. That was published on 4/1/1978, in the Israeli Army Journal.

Do not be surprised my dear reader, When I tell you that leadership was assigned to a young Israeli officer who was never excited more than when he saw blood flowing from an Arab person. Such young officer was not anybody else than Ariel Sharon, the current Israeli prime minister. His footsteps as a terrorist were followed by Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir. Each of them took office of prime minister at a later date. His target was also to see Arab blood flowing, knowing that this would qualify him to take the top office in Israel at a later date. As for the village Massacre, 41 house and school were blown out. The number of victims of such massacre reached 69 Palestinian martyr who were killed in the presence of the remaining natives of such Village.

That was the Israeli's performance pattern at all times. That you kill a group of people while another group is watching. Such memories would never fade away from memories of those who survive. It suffices to look at what Mose Sharitt, one of the Israeli's Ministers about such massacre, as quoted in the book by Ilan Halfi, an Israeli writer, under title of Israel from terrorism to State terrorism. He says "at the cabinet meeting I expressed my rejection of the massacre of Village as it portrayed us as a group of gangsters."

A long history of killing, terrorism and bloodshed. Three of those killers became Prime Ministers of Israel. What could be more weird than that?

Israel's extreme ideology, the Zionist discrimination, its terrorism and bloodsheds which it adopted since one hundred years in this area, have surged violence and deepened hatred and grudge in lieu of peaceful coexistence among people.


Earth, a planet hungry for peace


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).
The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).



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