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Woman in Islam 

By Anwar Ul Haque



Some people do not comprehend the reasons and logic behind apparently different laws for woman and man in Islam. It will be foolish to not to regard and respect the gender difference. Nowhere man and woman can be made one and the same. Despite a lot of common things between man and woman there are certain biological differences, which can be even seen at cell level. Woman has two X chromosomes while male had only one. There are important structural, behavioral and hormonal differences. To not consider these powerful factors while formulating rules would be shear stupidity. The rights always go hand in hand with responsibilities. Woman are, for example not required to spend even a teddy penny on their husbands, children even if they earn handsome money or inherit form their parents. They are not required to help their parents while a male is required by law to do so. Islam has thus removed enormous stress of bread earning for the family from woman. Her money is solely for her. Her share (half of that of her brother) is in actuality much more than her brother if divided on the persons needs to be supported by that money.

A woman is not required to go to mosque five times a day while she earns the same reward by praying at home. This is in respect and recognition of her commitment at home with her children, cooking and other chores. Similarly she is not required to perform combat duties in army. By staying at home she earns the equal reward to her husband.

In case of evidence, Islam recognizes the womans modesty. Nowhere it is written in Quran that a woman has half evidence. Two women are required so that if one forgets, the other can remind her. A woman many not like talk to a stranger man while she can freely consult another woman. This respect of delicate and deep emotions of a woman is well seen in Islam that is a religion of nature. In case of divorce again same thing is observed. If a Muslim man can walk out of wedlock that easily as portrayed by Basit then there should have been a lot of divorces in Muslim country but is there any comparison between divorce rates in Pakistan vs. USA. It is not the inherent quality of Pakistani man but Islam, which intrinsically prevent high divorce rate. On the other hand asking woman to go through court if she desires a divorce has lot of merit as it is the woman who is the! most suffer in case of divorce. If a child is not allowed a knife, is it insult of child or protection of child? Women at times get very bitter under hormone influence and Islam protects her from harming herself. As a mater of fact in certain days women are not allowed to even pray.

Islam is the path of nature and is the most protective of woman and it is the reason that throughout world women outnumbers men in returning to Islam. May it be Germany, USA or even Japan! Quran has described in details the method of three divorces and detailed consultation and help before even beginning of this process. Unfortunately Muslims in general and of Sub-continent in particular are not aware of these processes. Hence illegal simultaneous there divorces are seen in courts, dramas and even endorsed by some illiterate clergies. Although clergies are not even part of Islam to begin with!

Prof. (Dr.) Anwar Ul Haque

Consultant Pathologist

Islamabad, Pakistan


Earth, a planet hungry for peace


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).
The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).



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