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Topics Posted in 2002
Scholar of renown: Ali Al-Haythami
Staying overnight in a mosque
Miscellaneous questions

Restrictions during pilgrimage
Fighting against Muslim armies
A policy of justice for all
A greeting to generate love
Is a woman required to cover her face?

Mujahid meet calls for unity of secular forces
The Prophet’s descendants
Performing substitute pilgrimage and Umrah
Striving for the right cause
Discrepancies of dates and history
The greeting of peace

False oath after making serious mistake
Reading the Qur’an in English
Famous Philippine Muslim leader dies
Scholar of renown: Abd Al-Razzaq Al-Sanaani
Hell: Temporary or everlasting?
How powerless man is
Paying Zakah on land meant for sale
The Mahdi and when he is to come


Forbidding what is permissible

Intakes in the day of fasting

Scholar of renown: Shu’bah ibn Al-Hajjaj

Need for an immaculate English translation of Qur’an stressed

A fitting reward

Islamic dress code for women

Zakah on shares and investments

Following the Prophet’s practice

Fast invalidation and modern medicine

Magic and the Prophet

Prayer and short travel

Hasty hopes and Satan’s scheming

Situations of amazement

What the Qur'an Teaches: Foiling Satan’s efforts

Guidance from the Prophet: Family care

Islam — fastest growing faith in Australia

Zakah for the Prophet’s descendants

Visiting graves

Substitute pilgrimage

Buying a house on mortgage

 Giving a loyalty pledge

A mutual right

Gifts of knowledge and ignorance

Parting of the ways

Meat in a Christian country

Gifts of knowledge and ignorance

Which assets are liable to zakah

Purification, marital relations

A mutual right

Parting of the ways

Challenging ignorance on Islam, a ten point primer for Americans

Scholar of renown: Ibn Atiyyah


Signs of Day of Judgment
Delayed bath for purification
When to shake hands
No room for argument
Mercy without limits
The four schools of thought
Worthless luxuries
Zakah, investment and writing off debt
Spreading the Islamic message

News of things to come

The absolute truth

Inventing a Sunnah

Marriage without spouses’ consent

Breast-feeding and the abrogation of rules






















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