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Egyptians Furious After Mubarak's Defiance by Staying in Power and Sulaiman's Call on them to Disband and Go Home

News Commentary

By the Editor of Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, February 10, 2011

The Egyptian people in Al-Tahrir Square in Cairo, in Sidi Gaber Square in Alexandria, and in other squares of the Egyptian cities were furious after hearing a speech delivered by the Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak.

Egyptians expected Mubarak to announce his resignation, in order for them to go home to resume their daily life activities. However, he did not and instead announced transferring some of his powers to his vice president and faithful aid, Omar Sulaiman. He suggested changing some articles of the Constitution to ease for candidates to run for president. In addition, he confirmed that he would stay in power until the elections are held in September.

Omar Sulaiman gave a speech right after Mubarak, following up and reiterating what his boss said, then he asked the protesters to go home. Actually, he made a terrible Arabic language mistake by telling protesters to go back to their "homelands" (diarikum) instead of using the word "your homes" (doorikum). This sounded like he was addressing the Egyptian people in the Tahrir Square as if they were foreigners who need to go home to their "homelands."

Apparently, Mubarak and Sulaiman are either preparing for a bloody fight with the people or they are still do not get it. They still do not realize that the Egyptian people have revolted against their corrupt regime and that they will not go home before they see a real regime change, which starts with the resignation of Mubarak.

The Egyptian army issued "Announcement Number 1," in which it stated that the armed forces high command is observing the situation. However, the wording of the statement is so careful and so neutral that it is not clear whether  the armed forces command is taking the Mubarak's side or the people's side.

More amazing is the position of the Obama administration, which has been more ambiguous in its statements than the Egyptian armed forces. Although President Obama sided with the people at the beginning, but the Israel-firesters were not as enthusiastic and even praised Mubarak for his services for Israel.

In the morning today, the CIA Chairman, Leon Paneta, told the Congress that Mubarak is going to announce his resignation tonight. He has realized now clear that his sources are not reliable or credible to be depended upon.

It's time for the Israel-firsters to think about the national interests of the United States, not the interests of the racist, fascist, and Zionist state of Israel.

It's time for the Obama administration to announce a clear position siding with the Arab people in the Middle East, against the dictators who have looted and oppressed them, just because they serve the Israeli aggressors.

It's time to side with the future, the new Egypt, not with the thieves who impoverished the people, humiliated them, and usurped power for more than three decades.

Pro-Israel Arab puppet dictators will be falling one after another.

No tricks can save them anymore!

Photos from the Egyptian Revolution

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