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Dennis Ross, Barack Obama, and the Israel Lobby Tight Grip Over the US Government

By Hassan El-Najjar, July 3, 2009

It seems that the Israel Lobby is relentless in tightening its grip on the executive branch of the US government as it is doing in Congress.

Now, Dennis Ross is being enabled to assume the position of the ultimate decider, waiting for the moment of crippling the elected President, Barack Obama.

The historical evidence shows that most American Presidents were crippled during the second part of their administration, which enabled pro-Israel unelected government appointees to become the real decision makers in the White House.

Kennedy was assassinated when he attempted to solve the Palestinian refugee problem through his correspondence with the Egyptian President, Nasser.

Johnson was frustrated as a result of his failure to end the Vietnam war by escalation. His Jewish-Israeli mistress Matilda Kreim led him to make all pro-Israel decisions enabling the Zionist state to attack three Arab states and occupy the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967.

Nixon lost his de facto position as the ultimate decider to Henry Kissinger during the proceedings of the Water Gate scandal, and ultimately got out of the White House, leaving Kissinger as the ultimate decision maker during the Ford's administration.

Carter was crippled by the Iranian hostage crisis, which allowed Brezezinski to become the foreign policy decider, dragging the US to intervene in Afghanistan, during the Soviet invasion.

When Reagan was crippled by the Iran-contra affair, which was plotted by Israeli intelligence agents and Israel-firsters, like Oliver North, Reagan left it all to the Israel-firsters to decide, even his trips overseas or signing agreements with the Soviet Union were subjected to his Israel Lobby handler, the horoscope woman-reader from California.

When George Bush senior was indifferent about the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990, Dennis Ross was furious at the end of the first National Security Council meeting. He beat the table to intimidate James Baker III, who together with Scowcroft capitulated in the second meeting of the Council. They changed their mind and agreed to Ross's dictat that the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait "will not stand." This led to the US invasion of the Middle East and the economic, financial, and military disasters America is suffering from today.

Despite this service Bush senior did to Israel and its Zionist supporters in the US, he was defeated in reelection as a result of the Israel Lobby's support for his rival. His mistake was denying the loan guarantees the Israelis wanted to build more illegal settlements on the Palestinian occupied territories. 

His rival, Bill Clinton, was no match to Bush senior in experience but his loyalty to Israel and to the Zionist Israel-firsters was his passport to winning the Israel Lobby support. However, like what happened to his predecessor, when he tried to pressure Netanyahu to fulfill the Israeli obligations towards the Palestinian Authority according the the Wye River agreement, he was punished severely by uncovering his affair with the Jewish intern Monica Lewinski.

Bill Clinton was crippled for the rest of his presidency. The Lewinski affair enabled Sandy Berger, William Cohen, and Madellene Albright to be the decision makers most of the second Clinton's administration.

George Bush Junior gave the Israelis whatever they wanted of money, military equipment, diplomatic cover, and even destroying a strong Arab state, Iraq, their remaining formidable foe by 2003. However, the Israelis and their Zionist supporters in the US can never be satisfied. They want to invade as many countries as possible in the Arab and Muslim worlds, fighting Arabs and Muslims with American blood and money.

The Bush era was a continuous and worldwide war, which led to the financial, economic, diplomatic, and military disasters the US has been suffering from.

Israelis and their Zionist supporters have been relentless to implement their strategy of continuous wars, which enables them to tighten their grip over the US-EU governments, in order to force them to do what's good for Israel and and its global policies.

In this context, the move to place Dennis Ross closer to ultimate decision making in the White House is the expression of the tight grip of the Israel Lobby over the US government.

Barack Obama so far has not pressured Israel to meet any of its obligations, such as halting illegal settlement activities on the Palestinian territories and the clear announcement of acceptance of the two-state solution.

Actually, the Obama administration has renewed the US loan guarantees for the Israeli occupation government, enabling it to continue construction of illegal settlement on Palestinian lands, which contradicts with its lip-service of opposing such activities.

The Obama administration, moreover, has not stopped any of the military, financial, or diplomatic assistance the Israeli occupation government has been receiving from the US despite the open disagreements.

In preparation for a possible confrontation between Obama and Netanyahu, the Israel Lobby is moving very fast to place Dennis Ross in the position of the ultimate decider over the Empire.

The question is: How soon is Barack Obama going to be crippled?

 The AIPAC propagandist Dennis Ross moves over to the National Security

Dennis Ross Wants War With Iran

"U.S. envoy Dennis Ross, in a new book he co-authored, raises the possibility of the use of military force against Iran should negotiations fail to head off Tehran's nuclear ambitions."

"The Obama administration's point man on Iran will be moving to the White House with what appears to be an expanded portfolio, officials said Monday."

"The Obama administration is moving forward with plans to fund groups that support Iranian dissidents, records and interviews show, continuing a program that became controversial when it was expanded by President Bush."

AIPAC Israel firster Dennis Ross to become de facto National Security Advisor:




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