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US, UK, and Other NATO Forces, Commit to Help Israeli Terrorists to Maintain their Occupation of Palestine, Blockading Gaza Strip

By Hassan El-Najjar

Editor, January 19, 2009

Israeli Terrorist government foreign minister, Tzipi Livni (left) and the US Secretary of State, Condy Rice (im, 1/19/09)   Israeli Terrorist government foreign minister, Tzipi Livni (right) and the UK prime minister, Gordon Brown (im, 1/19/09)

For 22 days of continuous Israeli terrorist war on the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli terrorist forces used all the weapons provided to them by the US and other NATO governments, particularly the extensive use of US-made F-16 warplanes, Apache helicopters, white phosphorus bombs, DIME bombs, and European-made naval vessels and equipment.

The war ended yesterday but the Palestinian resistance fighters and the Hamas democratically-elected government came out intact and in tight control of the Gaza Strip. Several Grad missiles were launched after the Israeli announcement of ceasefire to show the Israelis and the world that the Palestinian resistance is strong and has the will and the capability to attack faraway Israeli targets.

Despite all what happened, the Israeli terrorist leaders have not yet realized the simple fact that the Palestinian people are determined to be free and will continue their struggle until they rid themselves of the slavery of the Israeli military occupation.

Israeli terrorists still insist on the continuation of their control and occupation of Palestine, ending the occupation is still not there on their agenda. That's why they called on the Zionist-controlled NATO governments, particularly in the US and the UK to be involved in helping them maintain their occupation of Palestine.

Zionist agents controlling NATO countries were very fast, in few hours, to come to Jerusalem to pledge their commitment to serve in the new Israeli-led armada to blockade the Gaza Strip in a more tight regime, than the previous Israeli-Egyptian one.

This is a new desperate way for Zionists who control NATO governments to say to the nations under their control, "see the world is not safe out there, you need to spend more money on the military and security industries."

The outcome now is that NATO, which was established to fight World War III against the Soviet Union, is used to blockade the Gaza Strip to keep Hamas under control !

Can there be more retarded scene than this?

For how long will Americans and Europeans going to accept this Zionist humiliation and stupidization?

When are they going to scream: The Zionist Emperor IS NAKED!


Israeli 'ceasefire' includes increased US involvement in Israeli occupation

Sunday January 18, 2009 20:47 by Saed Bannoura - 1 of International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group

Just before Saturday's decision by Israeli terrorist leaders to declare a 'ceasefire' in Gaza, the Israeli terrorist government foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, received a signed assurance from US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, that the US government would provide security and intelligence personnel to assist the Israeli terrorist forces in their ongoing military occupation of all Palestinian land.

Previously, the US role in the conflict had been limited to material support, including weapon shipments and billions of dollars in financial aid to the Zionist state each year. Now, the US has committed in writing to the Israeli Foreign Minister (although no Congressional debate or resolution took place), to provide "resources, wherewithal and technology necessary in order to fulfill our part of the bargain”, according to Condoleezza Rice.

The “US part of the bargain”, according to Rice's spokesperson, thus consists of military and intelligence equipment and personnel with the aim of “inhibit[ing] the ability of Hamas to rearm."

The Israeli terrorist government foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, called a meeting with Condoleezza Rice just two hours before the Israeli cabinet was set to vote on a unilateral ceasefire. But some analysts say that this bold strategic maneuver may have been years in the making. It secures a new role for the US military and intelligence agencies in the region, on the very last day of business for the administration of George W. Bush.

The commitments made by Rice will hold for the incoming Obama administration as well.

UK Prime Minister criticizes Israel's targeting of civilians; agrees to assist Israel in Occupation

Sunday January 18, 2009 21:27 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News

In a statement made on Sunday by British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, he criticized Israel for targeting civilians in a ground and air assault that has left over 1,350 dead in three weeks. But at the same time, officials in the British government were busy signing agreements with the Israeli military that would commit British intelligence and security resources to supporting the Israeli occupation of Gaza.

The agreement made between Israeli terrorist state and the UK would commit the British Royal Navy to assist in anti-smuggling operations in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. “For a cease-fire to be sustainable, we must address the underlying causes of this conflict, including continued Hamas rocket attacks on Israel and Gaza’s economic isolation,” Brown said on Saturday.

Before the Israeli terrorist government agreed to a unilateral ceasefire on Saturday, Israeli terrorist officials set requirements for each of a number of European nations and the US. The aim, according to Israeli officials, is to completely disarm the Hamas armed wing and all of the Palestinian resistance fighters.

If this Israeli terrorist effort succeeds, it will prevent the Palestinian resistance from engaging in the internationally-recognized right to resist military occupations and invasions of their land, and will allow full Israeli control over the Palestinian people, their land, and their resources (like the Gaza offshore gas field).

The European leaders, including Gordon Brown, agreed to the increased commitment to the Israeli military occupation without hesitation (in order for British gas to continue stealing the Gaza offshore gas field) .

Thus, Gordon Brown engraves his name in a long list of British politicians who were picked up by world Zionism to serve its goals in Palestine and worldwide, from Lloyd George to Balfour, to Churchill, to Eden, to Major, to Blair, all Zionist agents.

Brown spoke to reporters on his way to Sharm al-Shaikh, Egypt, to meet with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and other Zionist agents ruling NATO countries: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicholas Sarkozy and other European leaders.

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