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Truth About Bob Woodward's Secret Weapon and US Presidential Elections

By Hassan El-Najjar, September 10, 2008


US ruler of Iraq after the 2003 invasion, Paul Bremer, disbanded the Iraqi Army in a calculated plan to rebuild it on the basis of loyalty to the US. It worked for many Shi'i and Kurdish members of the former army. However, it did not work for the Sunni members of the former Iraqi Army, who started a fierce resistance to the US occupation forces.

General Patraeus's expertise in counter-insurgency led to recruiting Shi'i and Kurdish militias and former members of the Iraq army to fight the Sunni population, which was marked by the US corporate media as sectarian violence and sometimes civil war. It was Iraqization of the war, an emulation of Vietnamization of the war.

Iraqization of the war didn't work because of the natural law (Every action has a reaction, equal to it in force, and opposite to it in direction). The Iraqi Sunni resistance continued and was promising to develop more in quantity and quality despite the war crimes committed by Badr militia, Mahdi Army militia, and US-led Iraqi forces and police forces.

With every Iraqi killed, injured, detained, or abused, revenge against US forces and US-led Iraqi recruited forces increased.

Finally, US military commanders started talking about the fact that there is no military solution to the conflict. They followed this admission with talks with the Iraqi resistance organizations, individually and as groups. They excluded Al-Qaeda in Iraq from these talks.

This led first to absorbing most of the Iraqi resistance fighters into the new US-led regime through establishing Sahwa Councils everywhere in the Sunni areas. Basically, the US has paid the Iraqi resistance to stop fighting, then to fight Al-Qaeda, and finally to be absorbed into the army and the police forces.

Secondly, the Badr and Mahdi militias were told to stop the killing. Badr listened but Mahdi Army needed some punishment before it stopped completely.

Third, deba'athification worked in that former Ba'ath Party leaders (assumed resistance leaders) were asked to come back to work in various government departments.

Finally, the ultimate resistance goal has been adopted by the US-backed Iraqi government, which is a clear statement that US occupation forces must withdraw from Iraq. Al-Maliki government announced that it would not sign an agreement with the Bush administration without a clear timetable of the US forces withdrawal from Iraq. That was the last demand for the resistance and it was achieved.

Basically, the Bush administration paid the Sunnis to stop their resistance and agreed to their demands to join the US-backed government. They did. That was most likely the secret technique, or weapon Bob Woodward was propagating to the American people in his book and in his interview in CNN.

There has been no secret weapons or techniques used by US forces in Iraq to stop the Iraqi resistance recently. Had this been the case, the news would have filled the internet. Iraqi resistance websites, Iraqi bloggers, Iraqi independent newspapers would have published about it.

This is a clear attempt by the Bush administration, through Bob Woodward, to say to the American people that the Surge has worked and the US won the war in Iraq.

The bottom line of the Bush administration and its Bob Woodward surrogate is propagating this propaganda episode in order to influence Americans to vote for the pro-war candidate, John McCain.

US journalist Bob Woodward says violence drop in Iraq attributed to secret weapon

Baghdad - Voices of Iraq
Wednesday , 10 /09 /2008  Time 9:34:11
BAGHDAD, Sept. 10 (VOI) -

Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward attributed the fall in violence (resistance to US forces) levels in Iraq to secret operations conducted by the U.S. army.

Woodward, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and a number one "New York Times" best-seller, said during an interview with CNN's Larry King Live that U.S. top secret operations have targeted (resistance) leaders and armed group commanders in Iraq.

"And when you look at the data and you see what they can do in these operations, it's astounding. I somewhat compare it to the Manhattan Project in World War II, which led to the atomic bomb," Woodward said on the TV show.
'The enemy has a heads-up because they've been getting wiped out and a lot of them have been killed. It's not news to them," he noted.

"As I said the other night, if you we were a member of Al-Qaeda or the resistance or some extremist militia, you would be wise to get your rear end out of town. It is very dangerous," he added.

In his recent book, 'The War Within: A Secret White House History, 2006-2008,' Woodward claimed that the current U.S. administration has spied on Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki's government and used new techniques to track down and kill resistance leaders, which led to the fall in violence in the country.

Woodward was one of the journalists who exposed the Watergate scandal, forcing President Nixon to resign from office in 1974.


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