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Apartheid, Not Democracy: The True Nature of the Bloody, Zionist State of Israel

By Hassan El-Najjar, April , 2008


1. Political participation in Israel is limited to the citizens (about five million Jews and one million Christians and Muslims).


2. The rest of the population (four million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip) are not citizens and have been deprived of any political rights including participation in Israeli elections despite being under Israeli rule since 1967.


3. More than five million Palestinians have been forced out of their homeland and never allowed by Israelis to return, according to UN Resolution 194. They have the right to be in their country but the Zionist state deprived them of this right.


4. On the basis of these facts, the vast majority of the population is deprived of their political rights and their human rights are being violated on daily bases by the Zionist state, which has never been a democracy as a result.


The best description of Israel is an Apartheid state, which excludes the majority of the population for the benefit of the minority racists. It has been following the South African Apartheid method and will face the same fate sooner or later.





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