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The Root Cause of America's Problems in the Middle East: The Palestinian Suffering

By Hassan El-Najjar

Al-Jazeerah, September 12, 2006




Roots of America's problems in the Middle East: The Palestinian suffering

(Jihad Awartani, Ad Dustour, 9/12/06).



The US blind support for the Israeli occupation and control over the Palestinian people has created enormous suffering for Palestinians. This is seen by Arabs, Muslims and peace-loving people all over the world as support for the Israeli injustice, oppression, and persecution of the Palestinian people.

The Zionist state should be forced to end its occupation of Palestine, as a first step towards peace. Supporting Israeli occupiers leads to suffering of the Palestinian people, to more wars, and to more death and destruction in the world.

It's time for the US power elite (Conservatives and Liberals alike) to admit that American foreign policy has been hijacked by Israelis and their supporters. America's best interests are served by having friendly and peaceful relations with all nations, particularly Arabs and Muslims who own most of the world's oil reserves.

It's time for officials in the Bush administration and for members of Congress to admit that the US unqualified support for Israel has led to the Palestinian suffering and to all these wars in the Middle East and around the world.

Dodging the issue by attacking Islam, Muslims, and Arabs does not solve any problems.

The solution is ending the occupation of Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and spending the money on reconstruction instead of spending it on death and construction.

The Chronology of the Conflict gives readers a quick background about the historical and recent roots of the conflict.

Briefly, there have been Western invasions and occupation which were met with resistance. Most recently, the Israeli occupation government has replaced these direct Western attempts to control resources of the Middle East.

The Israeli occupation government could not have maintained its occupation of Palestinian and other Arab lands without Western support in general and the US support in particular.

For the sake of America, for the sake of innocent Arabs and Muslims, for the sake of peace in the world, the US support for the Israeli occupation government has to stop.


The Israel Lobby and the US Response to the War in Lebanon By Nihad Awad, John Mearsheimer, and Stephen Walt


wpaper.nsf/rwp/RWP06-011: Israel Lobby By John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt

The Israel Lobby A Commentary on Reactions By John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt

How the Israel Lobby Manipulates US Foreign Policy By John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt 

God and Money at Yale: Inside History of the Israel Lobby By Bill Mon

Zionism and the Media By Donald Dinelli

Who Rules America? The Alien Grip on Our News and Entertainment Media Must Be Broken: Names of Owners of the US Media Conglomerates

Ahmadinejad's Letter (Text Translation) to Bush, May 8, 2006


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Truman and Israel By Harry Clark: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~hfc/mideast/trumanisrael.PDF


Earth, a planet hungry for peace

 Apartheid Wall

The Israeli Land-Grab Apartheid Wall built inside the Palestinian territories, here separating Abu Dis from occupied East Jerusalem. (IPC, 7/4/04).


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank, like a Python. (Alquds,10/25/03).

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